That Time I Had a Conversation with Sarah Jessica Parker

So, today I came back to New York and as I was entering the air tram, I noticed the cover of Glamour ... 

My immediate reaction was THERE'S MY GIRL!!! I have always loved SJP but after "that time I met SJP" I'm obsessed. To be beside of Michelle Obama as one of the most powerful women, I just couldn't agree more. Ahhhh.... okay let me tell you about it. Y'all, I have convinced myself that we are besties. It's ridiculous! I had dreams that we got coffee after I met her and she invited me into her home. Okay, I'm insane. Here's the story: 

Tanner and I were on one of our many adventures to NYC and one of the things that I wanted to do was stalk out every celebrity that I knew lived in the city. No joke, I googled. I had a map. We were on a mission. 

So, off we went. We went by where Hugh Jackman lives. That was anticlimactic. It was a building which I should have known they all would be, but we had coffee at his coffee shop so that felt cool. We then we went to the stoop of Sex in the City filming. They have it blocked off, but I took a picture. 

Sarah Jessica Parker's brownstone was close by so I wanted to go see that as well. It's in Greenwich Village, and I can't find the exact picture but we found the road on google and then we found a picture similar to this one.. 

I wish I could find the picture that we had because it was the entire reason that we got to speak with her. It showed the entire line of brownstones, and I noticed a vent above one of the other doors. I noticed her brownstone did not have that, so we looked up and down the road and our eyes laid upon the one that matched the picture that had to be hers.... 

and wait for it ...... 


I paniced. My heart started beating out of my flipping chest. I grabbed Tanner "Oh my gosh that's her". She was dressed head to toe with sunglasses on decorating her porch because of course all celebrities do that in the city. I took this picture... 

So, I told Tanner we couldn't talk to her because I was too scared. Tanner was like UH YES WE ARE! So, we walk up to the bottom of the steps and Tanner says "Mrs. Parker" and you can tell she kinda ignores us. Then he sheepishly says it again... "uhhh Mrs Parker?" 

And she slowlyyyy turns around. *INSERT RAPID HEART RATE*

She is almost scared of us, and says "Can you please not photograph me?" very sweetly. I was like "oh no no no we won't. That's totally fine. I'm so sorry." And then it was like she let her guard down when she realized we weren't crazy people. She told us how she just really was trying to decorate her porch and have a few minutes of normalcy is all. So she asked us if we were here to visit, and we said we were. We talked small talk for like 5 minutes. I don't even remember. It's all a blur. Then she said "Well seriously y'all are the cutest couple in Manhattan! I hope you know that. Enjoy your time here." and then we told her bye and then of course under my breath I'm like TANNER.WHAT.IS.LIFE.WHAT.JUST.HAPPENED?

We walk around the corner, and the paparazzi were waiting. It made me sad. She just wanted to decorate her porch like we all love to do at Christmas. The next day, this was posted .. 

with THIS article

She did a stand up job!!! That porch looked awesome! And I'm forever a fan. I looked up her publicist, and wrote a letter saying that she will never know how much I love her now because she took the time to actually talk to me and my husband. She will probably never remember it, but it's something I will forever. I really don't care that much about all celebrities, but she is a fave (with Carrie Underwood and Jennifer Aniston)! 

So, now tell me your awesome story of celebrity meetings?! I wanna know! 

With love and SJP,


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