Hybrid Triathlon Training Week 2

So, I promised that I would update you guys each week as I went along in my progress to the half ironman. I think that it will be fun to see how I progress, and you can look at the workouts that I'm doing every day and decide if you wanna steal them or what-not! :) 

I've really been enjoying my training. I honestly think that I could be a full time athlete and be happy. If I could just train all day long every day and eat tons and tons of food, I'd do that. However, wouldn't be all right? haha!

Surprise surprise, I haven't been blogging consistently. I want to, believe me!!! I have just accepted that when my schedule looks like it does right now, it's a bit unrealistic until I get settled in the south and that's okay! :) I will still update you guys with new information frequently!  If you have anything that you've been curious about, feel free to email me and I can write a blog on it or you can comment! 

This week I'm staying with some friends in Brooklyn. I actually am loving spending time with different people as our time ends in NYC and am so thankful for the way that it turned out. One of the guys that Tanner is staying with texted me today to thank me for letting him stay with them! Haha! So, even though it's been not ideal for us to be homeless, it's given us time to spend time with the ones we love. My diet has been all over the place, but I could care less right now. That's not the priority. I don't have my own kitchen or normal food. I'm eating out a lot, and thats just life! :) No biggie! 

The last post about my training ended with the 12 mile run that I did this past Sunday. I enjoy long runs on Sundays because we go to church at night and I like to have Saturdays as my rest day. Thats just what works for me. With being back in NYC, I actually called about getting access to a pool and it was THIRTY.FIVE.DOLLARS. per visit. Thirty.five. HAHAHAHA! NO.

People be cray. 

So I won't be swimming for the next two weeks but that's okay. My half ironman is not until October so I'm just building a base right now. Biking indoors and running it is! 

  • Monday-Light Leg Day + 25 minute bike (5 miles)
  • Tuesday-6 mile tempo (on the treadmill) and shoulders
  • Wednesday-45 minute bike, 2 mile easy pace run (to get used to this transition and the way it makes your legs feel weird)
  • Thursday-Back Workout (30 minute max), 60 min bike 
  • Friday-8 mile run 
  • Saturday-REST 
  • Sunday-12 miles 

As you can see, I'm hitting shoulders, back, and legs lightly. I'm alternating which weeks I do a heavy leg day. I'm not doing one every single week, and when I do a heavy leg day it's not for volume and I'm not including much accessory work. I find that this keeps soreness lower. I'm just maintaining strength and doing low rep, super heavy deadlifts and squatting. It's more of a power lifter approach on those days (5 sets of 5 and things like that). 

I tend to enjoy doing tempo workouts on the treadmill. I find that I'm able to train better that way. I really want to get a Garmin watch soon, but for now this will do. I track all milage on my phone (mapmyrun app). 

On my easy mileage days, I'm taking it super easy. I'm so afraid of injury so I'm running like 10 min miles no joke. On my long run days, I try to keep it around 8 min miles so just medium paced. I know I haven't mastered anything yet and this is all a learning process for me but I thought you guys  might enjoy following along in my tri journey! :) 

With love and training, 



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