Favorite Healthy NYC Eats

I get asked this question a lot for those that are coming into the city to visit: 

Where can I go that has healthy food options? 

I was told that when I moved to New York City, I would see far more healthy people and find that healthy living is much easier. Yeaaaaa, that's a negative. There may be more people that are trying to be health conscious but the amount of yummy food here is insane. That can be hard. The cool {and unique} thing about New York City is that even though there may be 10000 bad options, each restaurant always has a good choice as well. So, my advice for anyone coming to the city for a few days is first this: 

1. Please do not stick to your plan. Enjoy life. Enjoy food. 

2. Don't be anxious about any restaurant. They will have some option you can choose. 

I will admit that we don't eat out much. It's way too expensive, and we eat too much/too often. I've also only lived here for one year so basically my point is, I know there are a MILLION other options. I will say that most all nutrition is never listed. All places are normally home owned, so they are not required. It's no biggie though. Guesstimacro!

But, here goes. 

1. DINERS {specifically Squire Diner in the seaport}

I don't put a specific diner because they pretty much all have the same wonderful glorious but healthy food options. I know this seems very bizarre but it's our go to. They always have massive egg white omelet options with tons of veggies with whole wheat bread and I ask for butter on the side! 

2. CAFE ORLIN {East Village} 

Again, if you go to any brunch spot, they are going to have a great egg white omelette option. Like, almost always. However, this spot is seriously the best. It's a sit down, quaint environment, and very chic New york feel. 

3. O'HARAS {FIDI-beside World Trade} 

This is random, and the only reason I know about this spot is because it's an Irish pub by my house and my husband loves Irish pubs. So, of course we had to go, and I found a gold mine. They have two items that are seriously second to none. Super simple, super fresh, and amazingly delicious. Their grilled chicken salad is one of those that you rave about to everyone you meet. I don't know what it is, but they just do it up RIGHT. They also have a grilled chicken and veggie stirfry and they probably give you 6oz of chicken and it's delicious all for like $9.95 which is ridiculously cheap for NYC for that much food!

4. EUROPA {Liberty Square}

This was always our post long run stop. The first time we went, we stopped in for coffee and then realized that they had great looking food. The two meals that I always switch between are: Grilled Chicken Fajita Panini and the make it yourself egg white omelette with toast and fruit!

5. HU KITCHEN {Union Square} 

This place is awesome. It's focus is 100% from the ground foods. They try to stick with everything gluten free and without preservatives. They have some nutrition listed but not for everything. You can get massive amounts of food for a fairly normal price for NYC ($10.95 for a big bowl of protein, carb and veggies). It's a stop in type place, almost like a cafeteria so just know not to expect any different.

6. MUSCLE MAKER GRILL {Tribeca-only open weekdays} 

I actually have made it out to this place once, and they were closed because it was a week day but I've looked at the menu and I think the name itself gives you a good idea that it's very bodybuilder friendly so it should  be an awesome spot to try.

7. CHIPOTLE {Everywhere}

Obviously, this is a chain so the beauty of this is that the nutrition is listed. They also are all over the city so if you need a quick healthy meal, then you can choose all kinds of different options. Normally I order just a salad with peppers, pico, chicken, and black beans. I don't get cheese, sour cream, or guac. And it's still amazing and super flavorful!


This is a really cool spot. They have a supplement shop in the back but also a hot food restaurant. It's not super nice or anything but if you are the type of person that will only eat 100% bodybuilder  clean then this is your spot. I personally didn't love it because when I say plain, I mean plain. Plain grilled chicken with no flavor, steamed brocolli, baked sweet potato. Total bro food. So, if you're down for that then this is for you.

9. DIG INN {Brookfield Place-Battery Park}

Oh how I love this place! They are a farm to table spot! There are many of these all over, but I love that Dig Inn has their nutrition listed and they have healthy foods but they are all seasoned with unique flavors, and there are many different options.

10. ROAST KITCHEN {Southstreet Seaport}

I love this spot just because you are easily able to make a really healthy fulfilling meal. You can make a bowl, and choose a protein, carb, and vegetable with or without dressings and sauces on top. I typically go without the sauces and it's still just as great. I think we over estimate how much we actually need all of those sauces and dressings and they just add all kinds of unnecessary calories and sugars.

11. GEORGE'S NYC {Battery Park}

This is another one of those spots that I would have no idea about if I didn't live in the area. It's also on here because there are a million very similar places. This has a cafe type feel but it's sit down, but I would call it a deli. The deli's are awesome. They always are going to have grilled chicken wraps with veggies or egg white omelette wraps or they will have different variations of paninis and they ALWAYS have a make it yourself salad section. When I make a salad, just for tips, I always go with tons and tons of veggies that are fibrous and yummy and I always add pico instead of dressing. They normally toss them and it really adds moisture and flavor. The veggies I typically choose are peppers, mushrooms, onions, cucumbers, tomatoes, banana peppers, and I love places with sundries tomatoes (my fav).

12. RAY'S PIZZA {All over }

I put this one to make a point. First, they are a chain so they have the nutrition listed so you can fit this into your macros if you want. There are no foods that are off limits to me, and when I'm going out with friends I don't care if we go to a "non healthy" place. I just make room within my daily macros and guess the nutrition and keep going. Don't feel that you need to limit yourself to only healthy restaurants in New York City! :) 

I have realized that I could seriously probably continue this list forever, but I'll stop with 12 as that is probably enough for now! ;) Feel free to ask any questions about these places in the comments! 

With love and NYC eats,


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