Truths about Your Dieting Approach

I seriously think that if you added up all of the different forms of dieting and weight loss products and programs, then it would be THE MOST successful industry, and the most greedy. 

Weight loss is a very sensitive issue, and even though society doesn't like to always portray it this way, it can cause A LOT of heartache, a lot of pain, and a lot of tears. Even though there has been a wave of self love, I get emails day in and day out of women who hate themselves because of the shell that they are in. It breaks my heart. That's not really the point of today, but rather for today to be informative about how to make the best choice for yourself and to be knowledgeable in that decision. 

We know all know that weight loss normally leads to two words that we all hate hearing-CALORIES & WORKOUTS.

We strive for every short cut answer even though we all know the truth. However, I just wanted to go through some of the more common diets, and tell you what they are ACTUALLY doing in they program, so you can see that if you just get a handle on basic nutrition and health, you don't have to keep buying into. 

My point of this is NOT NOT NOT to put these programs down. My point is not to say that you shouldn't buy these programs because maybe you should. We all know that sometimes different people enjoy a different approach and THAT'S what will make all of the difference, and that's okay. I just want you to be knowledgeable. 


I actually really like weight watchers. It doesn't limit anything that you eat (just like macros) and it has points assigned to each individual food. It has a community of people to encourage one another, and books that encompass every restaurant and every food item you could imagine. The point system is great, however there are some food items that have 0 points meaning you can have as much as you want. These include all fruits and vegetables. While I think it's great to not have any sort of limitation on these for micronutrient reasons, you could end up eating 1500 calories in bananas totaling 450g carb and you might as well have had 5 Large Regular Coke's. Obviously, that's a rash comparison but it's something you need to be mindful of. It's all about EDUCATING yourself, so that if you do weight watchers, you know that maybe stick with just 1 banana not limitless bananas.


Shakeology is advertised as the mega superfood shake of the world that is the ONLY shake that you can get all in one place what you get in shakeology. I actually do agree that Shakeology is WONDERFUL for getting all of your micronutrients in for the day. If you don't want to take a multivitamin, then this will cover you basically. It has a good distribution of carbs, fats, and proteins and it's yummy. They've done a good job of creating a good product. However, in terms of weight loss, you need to realize that drinking chocoloate Shakeology means that you are consuming 160 calories 17g protein 17g carb and 2g fat. Those are great macros for a meal replacement breakfast shake. But you also can eat many other things with those macronutrients and I don't want you to feel you have to limit yourself. Again, I promise this isn't to put down the product in any way. It's just to realize that the reason that Shakeology causes weight loss is because of the GREAT macronutrient distribution. 


Herbalife is another Shakeology. The beauty of this product is all the delicious flavors. They are so yummy!!!! I love them so much. But why does Herbalife shakes work? BECAUSE OF THEIR GREAT MACRONUTRIENT BREAKDOWN! 

They advertise to add in things such an extra scoop of protein, and that's great but you also could have a grilled chicken salad on top of your herbalife shake and for me, I'd rather eat 2 meals instead of one. Every extra item that's added into the shake is extra macronutrients which is FINE but just know that THIS is the reason that the product works. I choose to eat Bojangles occasionally because it tastes good. I choose to drink Herbalife occasionally because it tastes good. That should be your reason, and not because you think that it's the secret magical cure to weight loss.


NO CARBS!!! Everyone is going to lose weight! Everyone is going to get results!!.....and everyone is also going to rebound and never sustain this! Yes, adkins will work but who wants to be miserable. Just make sure that your carbs are within reason. You don't need to cut them all out, it's dangerous to your health and metabolism, and it's not sustainable at all.


I'm actually a big fan of paleo. I think that it really encourages you to eat whole nutritious foods from the earth, and I think that can really change your life and the way that you feel. However, one huge part of paleo is thinking that fats can fuel you more efficiently which I don't agree with. Carbs are your energy source and no matter how we try to spin it, this is going to remain true. I think that you will have much better lasting sustaining results if you just eat a little more balanced versus aiming for super duper high fat and no carbs and your workouts will benefit.


Beachbody has taken macros, given you colors assigned to them. I think that some people need this guidance, but I also think that people are making simple nutrition into something more difficult than it really is. 

The simple truth is this....any diet that you try is going to be a macronutrient profile. They have just done the work for you, and most of the time are going to limit you to certain food groups. If you simply learn the basic nutrition behind all of these gimmicks, then you will stop with all the heartache and money ache of spending so much money to end up confused and uneducated. 

With love and fad diets, 


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