Morganne Testimonial

As you all may have seen, Morganne is my client/friend that is officially in Germany for deployment. She's such a sweetheart, and wanted to share her experience and story with you so I thought I would share.

How do I even begin to explain how much Reverse Dieting has changed my life? The past 20 weeks have honestly been more than I ever could have imagined. I remember the day I received my workouts and my metabolic build-up 20 because I was filled with anxiety and nerves, but at the same time absolute confidence that this is what my life needed!

I started with Katie on her Fitness Prescription plan before starting my Reverse Diet to do a mini-cut (3 weeks long LOL), but mainly find maintenance. At the end of this I asked myself, what’s next? Where do I want to be in the future? The answer was to reverse and build up my metabolism!

In the 20 weeks I reversed, I have upped my carbs by 85g ---150g to 235g and my fats by 10g ---50g to 60g. 15 weeks in I decided to stop increasing my fats because my body responds better to medium fat levels…if there’s anything I’ve learned it’s to listen to your body! Reverse Dieting is hard, but it is so worth it if you stick to your macros and stay consistent. My approach was to incorporate all foods daily and to omit a “cheat meal.” If I wanted sweets I would plan it in, because it kept me from going overboard on food, and in my opinion there are no “naughty foods” or “good foods.” Reverse Dieting is about finding balance in your life and this was a way that I achieved that feeling.

Along this journey there have been days where I wanted to give up and where I questioned myself, but at the end of the day I kept remembering my WHY. It’s a hard process, you will be bloated if you eat too many volume foods right after an increase, your weight may fluctuate, you might feel too hungry or even too full…but it is temporary feeling for a long term goal!

At the end of all of this my outlook on life and food has turned completely around. I see food as fuel for my body, a cookie is going to be used in the same way as an apple, which one satisfies my hunger more? I’ve slowly regained confidence that I had lost many years ago. I see the gym and lifting heavy with cardio as something I love doing because it makes me feel good, not because I need to work out to feel good.

Final stats: 235C/155P/60F and 3lbs of weight lost overall ***please note weight loss was not my initial goal, but something my body did naturally. I fluctuated within a 4lb range my entire reverse, but my ending weight is 3lbs less.

Words of advice: trust this process, trust Katie, reach out to her if you’re second guessing things, write down how you felt daily or weekly, record your measurements/weight/weekly pictures, and remember your reason why. If you don’t put forth 100% you won’t get results you want. You’ll only get what you put into this.

Below is Morganne's transformation, aka she increased her diet tremendously and didn't change. She was able to successfully reverse and now feels much more comfortable going into deployment. She also is the most incredibly sweet woman out there.

Morganne reverse before and after.JPG

With love and reverse dieting, 


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