I think that if you follow me for very long you will see that I don't use any supplements, and when I say none, I really do mean none. There are some that I don't have a problem with, but I just know that I'm fine without so I don't even worry about it. I'm a firm believer in that food from the ground is all that you need. Call me a quack, but I'm good without all those chemicals. 

You may wonder what I mean by which supplements I'm okay with (but yet am too lazy/ too cheap to actually use). 

  • BCAA's
  • Protein Powder
  • Creatine 
  • Good quality vitamins

I have done a post in the past about micronutrients and taking a multivitamin daily to get in all those extra needs that we most likely do not get in during our normal dietary intake. (I really should take a multivitamin but I've gotten lazy). I think that you need to be particular about which products you choose. I don't have a big long list of recommendations but just do your research and make sure that the company is a good company. If it is advertising 500 pills for $3 then you probably should look elsewhere. You get what you pay for.

As for BCAA's and creatine, they are the two of the most researched supplements out there. They ACTUALLY show significance in the studies to help with muscle recovery and growth. I'm not going to get into the science of each one of these and will save that for a different post on each individual supplement but rather to say that the data on these products are real and worthwhile. 

Obviously, protein powder is going to be a supplement worth getting if you are not getting enough in your diet and you need supplementation on this. I don't even really think of it as a supplement but if I say I don't use supplements and then people see protein powder in a recipe, they are like UMM YOU ARE SUCH A LIAR! HAHA! #HATERS Truth be told, I never use protein powder and even my mother-in-law was shocked to here this the other weekend. I get all of my protein from egg whites (mostly), cottage cheese, greek yogurt, chicken breast (but only once per day), ground turkey, lean beef, beef jerky, protein bars, and then from various carb sources such as beans or fat sources like peanut butter and nuts.

I find it actually hard to stay within my protein requirements because I love it so much, and I hate the taste of protein powder. I use it in recipes but otherwise, it just isn't good. Do you agree? I'm all about a lifestyle change that is not about misery but about flexibility and if you don't like it, you don't like it. I don't like asparagus so I don't eat it ... ever. I don't like celery, carrots, or protein powder so ... I don't use it.

I'd rather have this over protein powder any day of the week and will wake up however early I need to for time just to be able to eat it! 

I'd rather have this over protein powder any day of the week and will wake up however early I need to for time just to be able to eat it! 

Back to the topic at hand..

Supplements are in short.....a waste of your time and money. Please don't hate me for this because this is my blog so this is just simply my opinion. Supplements are crazy expensive. There are some that may make a small difference. Pre workouts will in fact get you jacked up, but I just simply eat a carb heavy meal 30 minutes before and I don't need extra chemicals in my body. If you go back to the primary literature, you will most likely find that almost every single supplement has some shady article that shows "statistical signficance." I have read through many studies on various supplements and most of the time you will find that they don't control for any variables, they have no power because they only have like 20 patients (like 10 in each arm of the study), and the study will be WAY biased in the design to make sure that the product shows some sort of difference. 

For example, and this is not from an actual study but just an example off the top of my head to give you a picture of what I mean. If you have a fat burner product and they run the study, they aren't going to be able to control for every single morsel that each participant puts into their mouth however, they will do some study with like 10 people that shows that they decreased weight by 0.000001% over the course of 15 weeks. They will also tell them to "eat well and exercise" (SO OF COURSE YOU'RE GOING TO LOSE WEIGHT DUH) and then the next thing you know, they have the miracle pill of weight loss and fat loss. 

People hate the pharmaceutical industry because they feel that they are stealing money from people, when these trials are actually legit and regulated and can help with disease states. But yet no one says anything about your local supplement shop "scientist" who sells you $200 worth of products that are going to make maybe a 0.00001% difference than if you were to just start dieting and exercising. I feel that many times people combine all of these together and give the credit to the pills and supplements. This goes for any weight loss gimmick whether that be a shake, supplement, or wrap. It always recommends to combine with diet and exercise. Of course they tell you that because they know that the product is not going to work unless you do that. 

Simply stated, work hard and the results will come. We all want an easy way around this. There is one answer: eat well in a good balanced format and exercise. Take that one to the bank. 

With love and lack of supplements, 


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