Clean Eating VS Macro count

I touched on this a little over a week ago when I posted a popular status that basically touched on the fact that I was tired of all the gimmicks and fear of food. If you eat a Mr. Goodbar or you eat a banana with a tablespoon of peanut butter, your body is going to process this the exact same way: as 30g carb and 8g fat.

I wanted to explain this in detail. 

First, what is clean eating? That's such a vague term but we all know what that means. It means eating all foods that mostly come from the ground and lean meats. It mostly means eating a bro diet for those that claim they "only eat clean" which is chicken, sweet potatoes, oats, and veggies. There is this list of food that has been deemed appropriate and those foods that have been deemed bad over the years, and no matter how hard I try, I feel as if it's impossible to pound this through everyone's head that there is more to life than the 5 foods they think they can eat.

If this is your first time reading the blog, then just quick recap of what macro counting is (sorry for all those that know-skip this paragraph) but this is just simply having a set number of fats, carbs, and proteins and no matter what the food is-it has a nutritional value. The calories in every food is made up of macros and therefore whether it's "unhealthy" or "healthy" your body will essentially metabolize it the same way.

However, this is not the full story. This is only half of the story so I wanted to make sure to give the full discloser. Foods have a glycemic index. Most of the time, carbs that you would think of as bad for you would be those with a high glycemic index. This simply means that it causes a large insulin spike when you have these foods. However, some fruits have a high glycemic index as well causing the same insulin response. Every person is different with how they respond to foods of this nature. Some people are insulin sensitive which means that they may have to eat more "clean foods" to see more fat loss. Studies have shown that when you keep insulin levels stable, it can help with fat loss. {I am also aware that there are MANY other factors that go into the bioindividuality of people, bioavalabilities of foods, and metabolism of whole foods and the difference between cooked and uncooked foods. I'm not disregarding all of this, but just want to keep it simple}.

Let me interject this paragraph to tell you about myself. I like to think of myself as a realist. Some may call me naive. Some may say I don't pay attention to detail. I just like to think that I don't like to stress myself out if I don't have to. If I run to the store downstairs for 5 minutes, I probably won't lock my door. If I want to do something in NYC, I may set my purse down if it's right beside me because I'm pretty sure some maniac isn't going to just run by me and steal it. If my dog swallows chocolate, depending on how much, I'm realistic enough to know that he's probably not going to die in like 5 seconds. I think this is why when I miss a workout or I eat a bad meal, I'm kinda like "ehhh whatevs". So, with that being said, the difference it will make in keeping insulin levels stable for fat loss is not worth not having high glycemic index foods to me. EAT THE FREAKIN DOUGHNUT.

I like to say follow the 90/10 rule but really what I mean is "Follow the don't be silly rule". If your family is having dinner, make that dinner fit even if it's not what you would prefer to fit your precious macros. You have plenty of days to make your favorite foods fit. If you are out and about and you are hungry and Taco Bell is beside of you, grab that myfitnesspal and find a taco that is pretty macro friendly and eat it. If you decide you want Wendy's, McDonald's, or Bojangles and it's not a weekend or a special occasion, just eat it. I'm becoming stubborn about this. Living life in fear of certain foods is just silly. Absolutely 100% silly. I just refuse. 

Again, let me swing the pendulum the other direction. This is by no means a reason to be lazy. This is by no means saying that you should fill your days with chemicals, GMO's, and processed foods. The majority of your foods should be from the Earth and full of micronutrients. This is so important. If you watch any documentary, you can see the value in this. The things that are put into foods these days are unreal, disgusting, and quite frankly unethical. But are you seriously going to avoid everything. Are you going to ex yourself out of social events because of your special diet? 

Now, let me address allergies. This is ENTIRELY different. If you have a gluten allergy or soy or nut or dairy allergy then this is an ENTIRELY different subject and I'm not talking to you so please don't be offended that you have to eat well 99% of the time. I'm talking to the normal "I can't eat this because it's going to make me blow up like a rhino" person.

Last but not least, vitamins and minerals. That is the huge difference. If you take the Mr. Goodbar and the banana + peanut butter, the banana is going to have more vital vitamins and minerals that are needed for functionality of your cells and organs. These are very important, and they are important on a daily basis. My sanity is also important on a daily basis so I really believe in having one "treat" per day. This doesn't just mean sweets but just simply something that is outside of the box and considered a little less healthy. 

Bottom line is that if we were going to get technical about things then you would need to eat completely raw, uncooked food. If you are able to do that and you are happy doing that, then that's incredible. However, if that's not your idea of a fun time, then you can certainly live a long, healthy and fulfilling life with a little moderation in there. I absolutely do not agree with eating junk to fill your macro numbers. I'm absolutely not a fan about being so concerned about your body image and macros, and not concerned about your overall health. I think that all of those things are really important, but I think that mental health and happiness with food enjoyment is very important too. 

Opinions are like butts. We all have them, and some are stinky. {Translation: If you don't agree, then my opinion probably seems pretty stinky to you but it's just my opinion so I wanted to go ahead and apologize for offending anyone.}

With love and macros,


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