What I'm Training Tuesday

So, this is not to become a thing because when I try to start a "thing" on my blog, I always forget to do it but maybe I'll start doing these more frequently ;) 

I uploaded a picture last week of how I have wrote out my workouts all the way to August which feels so amazing. I know what I have to do and each day I just execute. I feel like it is really helping me to stay focused and injury free. I do however, make slides for life events that come up. For example, this weekend we were going to Charleston for a friend's wedding and I always do my long runs on Saturdays or Sundays. Well, I moved it to Monday because I wanted to make sure to enjoy my weekend. I added in an extra 5 miler on Saturday to keep my legs fresh and moving with anticipating the 16 miler that I would do yesterday. 

{Fun fact: I took a wrong turn yesterday. I knew I was taking the turn that wasn't anticipated but I thought it was going to help me avoid a hill. I ended up NOT avoiding the hill, and going 16.7 miles. The hill was at the last 0.7 miles so I kinda wanted to pass out. Ha!}

I have an Olympic tri this weekend, which I thought was a sprint tri. I found out (literally today) that it was a 27 mile bike ride not a 15 miler. I was doing this race specifically because I felt I needed an open water swim before my half ironman in October. This is in my hometown (or the one right beside me) and so I knew it was now or never. So, with very minimal training, I'm jumping right into this. I have enough training and endurance under my belt that I think I'll be fine. Tanner says that if I ran 17 miles, that's much more difficult than 27 miles on a bike so we will see.

The past few weeks have been all over the place, but I've managed to stay pretty consistent. 

Monday-Long Swims, light leg days 

Tuesday-Shoulders/Chest, 6 miles 

Wednesday-1000m swim, 30min bike, 2 mile run

Thursdays-Bike 60 min, Back/Abs

Friday-8 mile tempo


Sunday-Long Runs (alternating long runs and long long runs) 

For example, I did 14 miles then 10 miles then 16 miles and next week I'll do 12 then move up to 18! I'm going all the way to 20 miles this time before my marathon because this marathon is really tough and I want to make sure that I'm prepared. It's ranked the 12th toughest marathon in the world (Grandfather Mountain Marathon). WOAH. I'm going to go into it with the mindset of an ultra marathon which is just to finish. I don't have any time goals, and I normally say that and don't really mean it but I totally mean this. I have heard that most people walk the really steep climbs and run the rest, and I plan on following suit. 

I have been asked to share my swim workouts that I do so I thought I would share one with you today. All of my swim workouts are from the book IronFit Secrets-Half Ironman Success so I don't claim rights to these AT ALL. I go through the workouts that they give me and the link to their book is right HERE. They have tons of great swim workouts!

This week (as in tomorrow because I'm adjusting my week this week based on the fact that I did my long run on Monday not Sunday): 

300 warm up, 6x50 drills @ 10 seconds, 6x50@10 seconds, 3x100@20seconds, 3x200@30seconds, 3x100@20seconds, 6x50@10seconds, 6x50 drills@10seconds, 200cool down

This is all freestyle. The "@10 seconds" just simply means that when you get done with each 50 meter swim, you take a 10 second rest. You repeat this 6 times through and move to the next. These workouts combine to equal about 3000 meters and an hour workout. It takes me longer sometimes because I'm a slow swimmer but I know I'll get better. 

I hope this helps to see how I'm training! Happy training y'all! I'm loving tris! It's so exciting and fun! My tri suit should be here any day, and today  I ordered something to help adjust my bike to make it more comfortable! 

With love and tri training,


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