I've wanted to do this for a while, but I felt that I needed pictures of every single thing that I was going to present to you, but I decided to make this short and sweet and to the point and not worry too much about the pictures!! :) 

THIS                    versus                     THAT

Banana + 1 tablespoon PB                                                                   Mr. Goodbar

1 Large Apple                                                                                       Wendy's Junior Frosty

Protein Waffles + 1 tablespoon PB                                                      Wendy's Chili 

Wendy's Small Frosty                                                        6 pieces of Honey Wheat 40 cal bread 

Fruit on the Bottom Greek Yogurt                                            1/2 cup Cookies&Cream FroYo

Cliff Bar                                                                                                  1 Cup Froyo      

One Burger (no bun)                                                           4 oz chicken + 4 tablespoons of PB 

1/2 cup oatmeal                                                                                 1/2 cup Froyo 

Bagel and cream cheese                                                                Ice Cream Cone      

Here's my point:

There are certain things that are considered "healthy" and there are others that are deemed "unhealthy" but why? It ALWAYS ALWAYS ALWAYS comes back to simple nutrition: 

Carbs, fats, proteins-Am I repetitive or what? 

Yes, if you eat a low glycemic index carb (oatmeal), this will keep you full for longer than froyo which has a high glycemic index. Yes, sometimes there are those that are insulin sensitive and it matters that they eat the oatmeal but MOST of the time, it's going to be metabolized the same. Yes, an apple is better for you because of the vitamins and minerals that it provides, but I feel many times people eat something considered healthy and it's just as processed as a burger and fries from Mcdonalds (okay maybe not that bad).

I heard a commercial for smoothie king yesterday. They were advertising their new "Nutty Super Grain Vegan Smoothie" This sounds like the holy grail of all healthiness right? And I'm sure that it is....for those that are vegan and trying to stick with 100% plant based. But the truth of our society is, many people will get this thinking that they are making a healthy choice. And the truth is, the smoothie contains 440 calories, 21g F, 54g C, 18g P and 7g fiber.

The Chickfila fried chicken sandwich has 440 calories-18g F 41g C 28g P 

So the FRIED chicken sandwich has more protein, less carb, and relatively the same amount of fat (but less). SIGN ME UP FOR THE CHICKEN SANDWICH!!! That doesn't mean that I choose the chicken sandwich every time but that means that I'm not restricting food from anywhere at any time.

I hope this sheds some light! :)

With love and my obnoxious love for macros, 


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