Health & Fitness for Beginners

I think that many times my blog and instagram appeal to those that are at a high level of fitness, and may intimidate those that are just getting started. 

Let me just say that no matter where you are in life or in your place in the health world, it's as easy as making the decision to start. I know that it all seems daunting and workouts seem dreadful, so I wanted to share some tips with you today to really get you started in this crazy world. 


This world is going to throw every piece of advice out there to you for one reason and one reason alone-TO MAKE MONEY. It's quite sad how much people are tricked in the health and fitness industry of these diets, pills, wraps, detox, and teas that are the "Solution to Weight Loss". If you aren't in the health and fitness industry, all of this stuff sounds SO convincing and believable. I remember how I believed it all. The fact of the matter is, you will have to work and you will have to work hard, but you also should not work TOO hard. If you are smart and use an approach that works for you and is sustainable for life then you've truly found the ticket. If it's a diet or detox that is for ONE week then you know it's not worth spending your money on.


Many times I get asked how I became such a runner. The truth is....I started running. Last year at this time, I was not a "marathoner". I hadn't even started for my first marathon. I remember running 8 miles with a friend (literally only one year ago) and feeling like I was going to die and was so proud of myself. Then, this past Monday I ran 16.7 miles with relative ease. It just takes time and commitment to a goal. It takes being committed enough to stick with it during the winter months. It takes being dedicated enough that you don't take a month off. This doesn't mean that you can't have many many rest days, but whatever goal that you have is going to take knowing that if you mess up, that doesn't mean to continue. It means that you should jump right back in.


This goes off what I mentioned above, but if it's drastic, it's not sustainable. If it's starving you, then that's not the answer. If it's something that you are doing on your own, then don't expect to lose the weight overnight. Don't cut out all sugar, soda, and everything in between. Take SMALL baby steps towards making positive life changes and it will make a big difference in the end. I'm SUCH a huge advocate of not cutting out anything. Don't restrict ANYTHING. Just have these things in moderation and smaller amounts as you begin your journey.


I can't stress this enough. For workouts, you need to enjoy them. I think back on when I did insanity, and honestly I hated it. I hated those workouts and I dreaded them. There is very intense workouts, and yes they may help you on your journey to immediately losing weight but you've also got to be realistic with yourself. Do you love to play tennis? Well then play tennis!!! You just need to get moving.


I wrote a post on this one time, but having a friend along for the journey is going to make you more likely to succeed so I would definitely recommend finding someone else who can be an accountability partner with you whether that be a friend or a spouse. If your spouse is not on board, then you need to sit down with them and really tell them the goals that you have set for yourself to make sure that they realize how important this is to you so that they can help you to make those positive life changes. If your husband is eating a pizza while you are eating a healthy meal, it's going to make it really hard to make those changes even if your stir fry tastes just as good!! ;) It's all psychological! 


Again, there are so many gimmicks out there, and you want to have someone knowledgeable on your side that is going to help you to work through all of those questions and concerns. You may do something, and it's just not working for you and that's okay. It's not time to give up. It's just time to switch it up, and asking questions can help you to discern what route to take next! 

Even if you don't have time to walk around your block at night or if you have a newborn child, it's okay. You still can start on the route to better health. It ALL starts in the kitchen and making better choices on what to eat. If you start that first and don't even work out one day, then you are gong to start to feel better and progress. 

And as always, I have FULL faith in you and what you are capable of. Every single person has it within them to do this!!! It just all starts with your reason of WHY you want it personally. 

With love and beginners,


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