Health Benefits of Livermush

If you are from Western North Carolina, then you know what I'm talking about. If not, you probably think I'm disgusting. But either way, I'm going to tell you why you should be eating this delicious meat. 

So first, what is liver mush? Do I have to tell you? Have you ever ate a hot dog? Yea well, don't judge. It's cornmeal, liver and brain parts of a pig plus spices. I know everyone who was considering it has now officially went off my blog forever more. Haha! At least humor me and read what it's all about. 

Livermush was created a long time ago in my hometown actually (Shelby NC), and it was meant to be a really cheap meat product. We actually hold a liver mush festival every year to celebrate the meat that was created during the civil war (and mixed with cornmeal and spices because at the time they needed to stretch meat as far as possible for economic purposes). 

It's sold throughout various grocery stores, and can be found anywhere near where I'm from (even major chains). If you go other places, they call it liver pudding and pretend it's the same thing. It's not. Liver pudding is like a softer version and liver mush is more dry, and I am NOT a fan of liver pudding. 

Everyone turns their nose up, and even growing up, it's always thought to be this food that you love but it's "really bad for you." Well, since I've moved home, I've had liver mush every single day. Yep, sure do. I always have protein waffles for breakfast and then at like 930, I have 3 egg whites, slice of fat free american cheese, liver mush made into an omelette on a slice of toast with butter. It's seriously so good, and I'm addicted. 

Macro wise, it's not the same as most meats because obviously it has cornmeal in it. That's the dry crispiness of it. It also has brain parts and the brain is a much more fatty piece of meat so it also has more fat than other meats. {{I have been corrected that it is in fact not brain but just other head parts so just making sure I keep it correct for you guys! Thanks for that!}} This fat is saturated fat. Yes, that's not the good fat. However, it has 0 trans fat, and one ounce of liver mush which is what I use every day (that's the size of a normal slice) has 0.5g of saturated fat. Ummm, well chicken has about 0.5g of fat per serving and 0.1g of that is saturated so the ratio of unsaturated to saturated in chicken is basically EXACTLY the same as liver mush. It's just that liver mush has higher fat in general. 

But why do we even care about that? The link between saturated fat and heart disease is becoming more and more muddy every day, and can we be realistic here? Do you really care about that unsaturated fat? No. You don't. 

It also has a lot of cholesterol. Cholesterol is so misunderstood. You actually need cholesterol. You just don't want it in excess. Most recommendations say to keep your cholesterol intake at 300-500mg per day. Liver mush per ounce has 25mg of cholesterol so that would mean that you would have to eat 16 ounces of liver mush which is literally like the entire package in one day. 

BOOM. Okay, moving forward... 

Vitamins and minerals---

Livermush contains Vitamin A and Iron. We all know Vitamin A is good for our vision, growth and development and our immune system. I saw an article saying that liver mush has Vitamin A and how in large quantities, this can be toxic. Do you plan on eating 47 blocks of liver mush per day? People crack me up how unrealistic they are. One slice of liver mush has 17.5% of your daily needs of vitamin A which means it's HELPING YOU to reach your healthy intake.

Iron is WONDERFUL for women to have. Many women can become anemic because of the monthly monster and many times this is iron deficiency anemia. Skip the multivitamin and just eat liver mush! Just kidding ;) But, it does contain 10% of your daily needs in one slice. 

2 oz of liver mush contains 80 calories-4g fat, 8g carb, 5g protein 

It's considered a protein source, but it doesn't provide that much protein and just has a general overall balance of macronutrients. It's high-er in sodium, so if you are someone who has to really control your sodium for blood pressure purposes then this is something that you should just count into your daily intake. Again, it's only 300mg of sodium in 2 slices, and your daily intake should be around 1500-2000mg (which is almost impossible to do just fyi lol). 

It also contains zero preservatives, which not many foods can say. The ingredient list is very short: pork broth, pork liver, pork, cornmeal, wheat flour, salt, spices, caramel. 

Livermush is great in omelettes, breakfast pizzas, breakfast sandwiches, and is combined with many different condiments from mayo to mustard to ketchup. It's eaten most of the time as a breakfast meat probably because it tastes similar to sausage, but it can be eaten anytime of the day (like who decides what time of day foods are allowed ha?).

We put these designations of good and bad foods, and it's just so silly. Actually look at the label. Look at the ingredients, and make an educated decision. 

So, the next time that someone tries to tell you that livermush is bad for you, you just direct them right here to this bloggy blog and tell them they are WRONG! 

With love and mush, 


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