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So, I'm excited to share with you guys today about Harvest Granola which is a company that's near to my heart as the owner and chief is a wonderful friend from Young Life when I was in high school. She has opened a small batch granola business, and let me tell you guys, this stuff is amazing. I assumed when I was going to taste it that it would be just like every other granola, but this is just seriously so delicious. I don't know what she puts in that stuff. ;) We will let her keep the secret ingredients! :) It's all locally sourced, no preservatives, and specific to ones dietary needs (gluten free, paleo, vegan, allergies).

The reason that I love this granola is because of how portable it is in many different sized packs for my endurance athletes. It also comes in large sized packages for events you may have! It's a delicious carb filled treat to take with you on any of those long runs without all the hassle. Not to mention, you feel super chic. ;) While Blair works with endurance athletes, ultra marathoners, cyclist (land run 100), triathletes, she also works with sororities, weddings, corporate retreats and boutiques because it is packaged so cute!

Blair has seriously taken time and attention to not just throw some product at you but to make sure that everything is perfected. Everything is such high quality and the taste is just amazing! I think I've raved enough, and I will provide the nutritional info below for each of the 4 different flavors you can choose from: Pecan Crunch, Paleo Crunch, Fall Spice, Quinoa Crunch! 

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I thought you guys might want to hear Blair's story about how this company came to fruition! In the meantime though, take two seconds to click this link and see what all she has to offer. I PROMISE you that you won't be disappointed if you order. 


Hi!  My name is Blair and I'm the creator, head chef and general bossy pants at Harvest Small Batch Granola.  I wish I could claim to be a classically trained chef or a third-generation restauranteur, but the truth is this: I'm just an average girl that was sick and tired of decoding the nutrition-label nightmare. 

I grew up in an active family and played a variety of sports growing up.  But, as the years passed I grew less active and more social (sorority softball anyone?)  It was in 2005 that I looked in the mirror and couldn’t recognize myself!  Sure, I was happily married and loving my new town, but I’d lost myself in those identities.  Does this story sound familiar? 

Initially, I didn’t know much about the diet world.  I knew that I needed both nutrition and fitness plans and I had great success with Weight Watchers and a personal trainer at my local YMCA.  I dropped 60 pounds and found a new source of energy and happiness that I’d never known!  I started trying new sports and found my passion in distance running.

As I became more active I realized that Weight Watchers wasn’t working for me.  It had been a great part of my weight loss journey, but it wasn’t helping me fuel my active lifestyle.  WW will let you spend all your points/calories on bread, wine and cheese (not that I ever did that…) but let’s be honest, you can’t run a marathon on that diet!  I cleaned out the fridge and pantry: no more prefab meals—it was time for real food. 

Good-bye preservatives and long-shelf-life foods.  Hello farmers market, colorful veggies and cookbooks!  I’m a (lazy) vegan runner and my husband is a cyclist living on a college-boy diet.  When I started making our food from scratch and experimenting with different recipes and ingredients, one of the staples in our house became granola. 

We used granola plain and with yogurt for breakfast, in no-bake “cookies” to take with us on long runs and to top our parfaits for dessert.  Our friends began asking me to make some for them and before I knew it I had a little side-business. 

My family and I moved, for my husband’s job, from NC to OK in the summer of 2014.  It was during this cross-country move that I decided to take the leap and transition from part-time baker into a full-fledged, commercial-licensed, LLC-carrying, FDA approved granola guru: Harvest Small Batch Granola was born! 

We work with local farmers to find the freshest ingredients possible and then we're off to our commercial kitchen to craft custom batches just for you.  From our farms to your table.  Does it get any better than that?

These recipes are dear to my heart and it's my hope to provide you with something you'd be proud to serve to your family and friends.  We have had the privilege to serve a wide-range of customers and are truly humbled each time you choose to serve our granola at your breakfast table, Saturday brunch, baby shower, wedding reception, 5k, conference, and more.  

 with love and oats,


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