Healthy Shaming

Fat shaming, skinny shaming, body shaming... it never ends right? I'm sorry to be that girl that's "offended" because I'm truly so used to this at this point, but I wanted to address a topic that I'm FINALLY confident enough to not let it get to me... 

"Katie's the health nut"...."Katie, are you going to eat that?"...."You probably won't eat that, you're too healthy"...."We all know she will have to work out." ... "Ew what are you eating?"..."I could never be skinny like you... I like food too much."

I seriously could go on and on. It never ends, and it probably never will. I think that health and fitness are becoming more and more accepted, but it is seriously something that people do not like. It makes them uncomfortable for you to eat healthy in front of them. It makes them even more uncomfortable if you don't come to things because god forbid, you are dedicated to your training schedule. 

They tell you that you CAN in fact miss your training run. They tell you that you are skinny enough already and don't need to work out anymore. They tell you that you can in fact eat the burger and fries (and they'll say that tomorrow even if you ate the burger and fries that night). 

Yea yea, I know people will comment "Oh they are just jealous". Well, its frustrating. I know from talking to many many girls that they literally are embarrassed to order a salad at a restaurant. There is this constant pressure in our society to be perfect. We have to look fit but not really actually eat well. It's much hotter when a girl can THROW DOWN THAT FOOD and have no discipline and still have an amazing physique. Yea, that would be awesome but there's something to be said for a girl who isn't scared to take care of herself without the fear of someone thinking she's restricting herself and "doesn't know how to have a good time."

I'm well aware it's not just girls. Tanner gets the same reactions when he turns down some things. We both eat. We both eat a lot, but we eat a lot at specific times and in specific macronutrient breakdowns to fuel our bodies, our goals, and our lives. We aren't in fact obsessive ... at all. We are made out to be obsessive by those that want to always point out what we are eating. "Oh sorry I'm eating this cheeseburger." DUDE I DON'T CARE! I'm not restricting myself here. I'm simply taking care of myself. Tanner and I don't talk about macros. We just eat to fuel our performance, and we talk about our sports not food because it's simply a vehicle to help us do better.

It's cool to drink beer. It's cool to eat cheeseburgers, pizzas, oreos, doughnuts and that's all awesome in moderation. Good lord knows I'm so huge on actually eating these things (and probably eat them too much) but I'm just a little fed up with people making healthy people "nuts". I personally think it's a little more nuts to have diabetes and heart disease but just not care and continue eating horribly. I don't throw out comments about anything that anyone eats...ever. I simply don't care what they eat. I do me. You do you. I just wish that people would be more understanding and accommodating for those that actively live a healthy life...not a restrictive life. That's not what this is about. Why does health=diets=restriction? NO! 

If you are a girl that goes out to eat and all there is on the menu is crap and a salad, order your dang salad in pride. Don't be afraid to stand for health. Don't be afraid to order what YOU want to order because it makes you feel good and fits your goals not the goals of those around you and you feel the peer pressure to want to "socially fit in". Be proud. 

Over and out. 

With love and health nuts,


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