My Racing Bucket List

I think that every runner/triathlete should have a bucket list of all the races that they want to do in a lifetime. Many of the people that I follow on instagram completed the St. George 70.3 Pro Championship Race this weekend in Utah, and it made me so on fire and wanting to complete this one day. I think that race-cations would be a fun tradition to start. I'm not sure how Tanner would feel about this, but maybe once in a blue moon! 

So, the first one on my list will be St. George's, which is 2 hours from Las Vegas so my thought would be to complete the race, and then spend a few days in Vegas on vacation. 

Since, I'm moving to NC, there are going to be a TON of NC races on this but then I'll do the non local dreaming ones. I have at least 74 more years of life to complete all these (I plan on living to at least 100) so I'm good ;) 

Local Triathlons: 

  • Kings Mountain Sprint Tri (hometown tri so I'm excited to race May 30th of this year)
  • Beach to Battleship -Wilmington (to be completed Oct 17 2015)
  • Lake Lure Sprint (Aug 15-we shall see how I'm feeling and I might do this one) 
  • Greenville Sprint Tri
  • Market commons Tri (Myrtle Beach whoop whoop)
  • Carolina Beach Double Sprint (this sounds so fun-Swim//Run//Bike//Run//Swim)

Local Marathons/Races:

  • Grandfather Mountain Marathon (to be completed-July 11) 
  • Asheville Marathon 
  • Tobacco Road Marathon 
  • Umsted Trail Marathon
  • Rock N Roll Raleigh
  • Raleigh City of Peaks Half Marathon (I don't know why but I'd rather not use a marathon on this one so I think I'll just do the half) 
  • All Shelby 5K's (try to improve time; PR:19:20)

Traveling Triathlons: 

I haven't yet decided if I ever want to do a full ironman. I think that how the half goes will tell. I have always said that I wanted to, but that is a HUGE commitment, and by the time I'd be ready, I plan on being a mom so I'm not sure I want to take the time out to do it.

  • St George's Pro Championship
  • Oceanside California 70.3
  • Disney World 70.3
  • Norway 70.3 

Traveling Marathons/Races: 

  • Las Vegas Strip Marathon 
  • Rim to Rim to Rim (Grand Canyon Ultra Marathon-42 miles)
  • Boston Marathon (multiple times hopefully) 
  • NYC Marathon 
  • Grandma's Marathon 
  • Marathon in every state (that's a big to do I know)
    • especially somewhere out west like Colorado or Utah
  • Goofy Challenge (thinking about doing this in Jan but not sure) 
    • Half Marathon on Saturday, Full Marathon on Sunday at Orlando
  • Big Sur Trail Marathon 
  • Paris Marathon

This is all I can come up with so far off the top of my head, but I can promise there is so many more. These are obviously going to be over much time, much money saved, and much training. It excites me to think about the future, and actually putting in the time and work for this. I've found what makes my heart beat, and that's competing in endurance sports. I have went a lot of avenues in health and fitness but this one.... I just don't know how to explain it. When you are doing something that you feel you are meant to do, it's hard to stop thinking about it. I hope everyone can find their passion.

With love and racing,


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