Faith and Fitness

Yesterday when I wrote the blog about my racing bucket list, I got so many emails with races to add to that, and ones that others are excited about doing. That's what I love about an online community. You can inspire and motivate one another, and then sometimes you even get to meet and it's such a beautiful thing! 

I wanted to talk today about my faith and how that relates to this crazy world of fitness. Let me tell you, it can be challenging. I talk about this a lot at my community group and I think it's my perfectionist personality but I struggle so hardcore with what I'm doing and making sure that this aligns with the purpose that God has for my life. I truly believe that it does, but I want to make sure to point it all back to Jesus and make sure that I don't get caught up in making this about me. 

I also find it challenging because many times I feel that in the fitness world, your product many times is your body. I want mine to be so much deeper but if you get to the root of things, I get a lot more followers when I post my body versus my bible but that's just life and I get that. I know that as a believer you are going to have these stumbling blocks and we all will struggle but I just want to have check points. I think I need them hourly. //I need you, oh I need you. Every hour I need you. My one defense, my righteousness, oh God how I need you.//

I start every day with a quiet time. It's such a great way to start the day. I sound like I'm sounding so "Christianese" right now, because let me tell you how I never did a quiet time until this year. I liked to pretend that I did, but I was never actually in the word. It radically changes you. It helps you to walk every day in your faith. I have this book that I write prayer requests for friends, but actually mostly for clients. They have heartaches, injuries, failures, setbacks, praises, joys and I want to make sure that they know they are covered in love and grace. I've never told them I have a list of their names, so SURPRISE! haha! 

I get disheartened by a lot of things that I see on the internet in the fitness community. I see way too many booties and boobies. I see way too much hate, way too much obsession, and I become immersed. Let me tell you... I get so frustrated that it causes me to say mean things about people who I don't agree with their motives or path but that's not glorifying in any all. So, I openly admit that. 

As a Christian, it's not about what's the black and white line. There are many topics that you could get into like "Why can you show your abs and I can't show my butt?", "Does counting macros and concern over weight make me a sinner?" "Where do you draw the line in tipsy and drunkedness which is a sin?"..."What is sexual sin? Is that kissing too because that's just crazy?" I think as people we want laws, we want black and white, and when God gave us laws in the Old testament it didn't work well. People are people and we are going to sin. The purpose of the faith and walking with Jesus is not to see how close you can come to the grey line and say "Oh what I'm doing is not quite a sin because of this disclaimer" but rather about making sure that your life, your actions and your purpose are pointing you to the cross and knowing that you WILL mess up and there is grace to cover that, but it's not a get out of jail free card. 

I think that one thing that you have to be careful of aside from showing too much of your body is the obsession with your body {obviously}. Anything that is an idol has got to go. I think we all know my background and how much of an idol I made healthy eating. I had to run far from that. Well how much is too much? I count macros on most weekdays. I train a lot, and will have to up my training to 12-15 hours per week for the half ironman, I run marathons, and I want to do an ironman {maybe}. THAT'S SO OBSESSIVE KATIE. YOU ARE MAKING AN IDOL. I disagree.

That's not for you to say. I'm different from you. That may be obsessive for you. That's what gives me life. What works for me is not going to work for you and that means even in the health and fitness industry. I know that two of my dearest friends think that macros makes them feel obsessive by counting. I know that for me, it gives me complete liberation and freedom to eat whatever the heck I want. One of those friends wants to eat very healthy during the week and have one big cheat meal. I don't like cheat meals at all because I want my overall days to be so wonderful in food that I don't even need a cheat meal. Her way is not wrong. My way is not wrong. Our idea of what makes us tick is just DIFFERENT. 

For some people, kissing is too far. That seems a little intense but that's what they believe. Some believe that eating meat is wrong in the faith. I don't agree. The point is that all of these laws, all of these rules are just that: rules. What you have to ask yourself is: Am I pointing this back to Jesus? Am I running to the cross every day? Am I making this an idol within my own individual life? Am I being a good friend? Am I in community with believers? Am I showing God's love, grace, and mercy daily? Am I a good wife, sister, mom?

If the answer is something that you are not happy with, then you can make changes. I've evaluated myself time and time again in this world, and even though I go around in circles, I always come back to the same answer from God. It's like I can feel him speaking to my heart and that is "I gave you this passion for a purpose. Direct everything back to me and you're good." 

I think that many times, women get caught up in the notion that "I NEED TO JUST BE A GOOD MOM AND THAT MEANS THEY COME FIRST!" ABSOLUTELY! I COMPLETELY AGREE! Time is limited, and you aren't going to take the time to do the things that you used to do for overall health. However, I think that showing confidence and pride in feeding your body well completely separate from body image is the best thing that you can do for your babies. Show them that health DOES matter. Body image, no. Health.

To give you more insight into who I am and how I live that out, I'm going to tell you how I do that. I'm not saying this is right, but I'm just saying this is how I approach things to not make an idol but also to be dedicated.

1. I count macros during the week. On the weekends, I normally go out to eat at places and don't really count but just make sure I get an overall balance of foods. If I get a chicken and cheese quesadilla for lunch then I know that has a lot of fat so therefore I may not order the steak for dinner and go with pasta instead to get more carbs. 

2. The only time I talk macros is on the blog, on social media, and if people ask. I never bring it up...ever. I never ever choose restaurants based on my preference but rather the experience with friends. I never ever tell a friend that I can't eat whatever they are cooking even if it's during the week. Tanner and I never talk about macros or our food. We just kinda do it. It's second nature at this point. 

3. I write out a training schedule, and I just do it. It's not hard. It's a habit. I just run the miles, bike the miles, lift the weights. It's not hard or obsessive and it always makes me feel so wonderful. 

4. If I miss a day of training, I'm really bad because I honestly could care less. I'm just like WHATEVS. Tanner's parents came into town, and I missed 2 days of planned out training. I'm not going to do that while they are here. That's just silly. Yes, it's on my schedule to run but it'll be okay. It's not that serious. If I go on vacation (like when we went to Europe), we ran like one day and found a gym to lift one day out of the 10 that we were there. It was fun to do in Europe, and that was that. I didn't think "Oh I can't wait to train. Oh I'm so depressed I can't train." I just didn't, and knew I'd get right back to it later. 

I hope this sheds some light to some on how I balance these two worlds <3 

With love and faith,


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