Koda Crossfit Weekend Recap

So, I can't believe that my first seminar has come and gone and that I've already flown out to Oklahoma and back. It's crazy how time works because you look forward to something and then "poof it's gone!" 

Nevertheless, I created wonderful friendships with an amazing crossfit family and I couldn't love OKC more! It's funny though because OKC is not massive, but I probably stayed in whatever downtown area that it was within a 5 mile radius. The crossfit gym, the hotel, every restaurant and all the shopping was RIGHT where I was. It was cool though just staying in one spot and getting to know it! I stayed at the Waterford Marriott and if you are ever in Oklahoma City, you should stay there. It was seriously amazing. 

So to start, Blair Jones (Remember Harvest Small Batch Granola?) that just recently moved from Shelby picked me up! It was so ironic that she lived close to where I was going. Technically, Blair drove 1.5 hours one direction with a 4 year old and 2 year old and it meant more to me than she realizes just to have lunch with me. Fun story, as we are pulling out of the airport and onto the interstate Blair says "What's that noise?" and I'm just like "Oh it's the road" and Blair just calmly cool as a cucumber says "No, my tire is flat." Y'all, I love Blair. She never once said "OH SHOOT! WHAT A BAD DAY!" She just said "I can change it!" and when she couldn't, she just called Triple A. She calmly pulled out the IPads for the kids because even though they don't allow them much IPad time always, ummmm we were on the side of the interstate with a flat tire and it was gonna be a while. HAHA! Basically, long story short-Blair is an amazing woman, wife, mom and I look up to her for a lot of reasons. 

After she took me back to the hotel, I decided to Uber over to the Walmart/mall area. I forgot some things (surprised?) and then wanted to shop around. I found a dress I liked and ended up changing there before I was picked up for dinner! HA! We went to RePUBlic in OKC. It's known for a good reason. It was delicious and the company I had was even better. You know those people you meet and you're like "Yep, we could be best friends hands down." That's how I felt with Leila and Mai. It was immediate comfort, immediate laughter, and immediate understanding of the fit life which is SO incredibly nice. After hours of girl talk, I went back to the hotel and got in bed early. 

I woke up early because I'm in the peak weeks of marathon training and I knew I needed to run because this week I haven't run NEAR enough with everything going on. So, I went outside and of course it was raining so I had to take my happy butt to the treadmill. I actually started reading Pride and Prejudice and I'm pretty stoked about that. 5 miles later-I was happy to be done and STARVING! That was the worst part-the restaurant didn't open until 7:30am, and so I had to do it fasted. I do nothing fasted. Fasted is the devil. I have to have food......BUT I made it. 

Not that you care about every meal I eat, but this was the coolest breakfast ever at a hotel. It was like continental with a whole new twist. It was like a five star restaurant with normal breakfast foods that had an elegant twist. So yummy! 

Mai picked me up at 8:40 and we headed over to Koda. Normally, I would be SUPER nervous walking into a gym with all these talented crossfit athletes to speak to them. I felt like everybody was like the winner of the crossfit games in that gym. They all were so in shape! I think the only reason that I wasn't intimidated is because Mai is just the best ever. She made me feel right at home (she's one of the co-owners of the gym). We signed me in, and class started. We did snatch, and I'm hilariously awkward with olympic lifts right now. I do want to get better and I think when I have a little break from endurance training, I'm going to try my hand at it more. Right now, every time I go, I just have to focus on technique more than anything, and I basically was like .... HIGH V CHEERLEADER SNATCH! One day....one day....I want to do a competition because I just love the friendships created through crossfit and the teamwork! Every time I go to a crossfit gym, I love it more and more and can TOTALLY see why people love it as much as they do. I kinda want to just go join now, but I know with all I'm doing, that would be silly and pointless.

After class, we started the seminar and it went really well. The only part I even felt slightly nervous about was talking about myself in the beginning. I always convince myself everyone could care less about my story so I'm just like ...."let's hurry this part and get to the fun stuff." Haha! I honestly couldn't believe my eyes at how many people came, and it was cool to teach something that was really unfamiliar territory. Most honestly had no idea about macros or reverse dieting, and many were very interested. I had a packet that I had made to hand out that had a lot of notes, and places that people could jot down other things as well. I'm going to continue using this at all of my seminars (with some additional things that I realized would have been helpful to have in the packet). This was something new for me, but something that I would absolutely LOVE to continue.

//I'm going to have a seminar at the YMCA in Shelby on July 18th {{more details to come}}. I'm going to Tampa in September (date most likely to be July 12), and I'm pushing back Arizona's seminar to fall time maybe November (for a couple of different reasons). I am open to seminars in ANY location, so if you want to speak logistics then feel free to reach out to me and we can chat. I'm starting up in person consultations around Shelby, so if you also want that then email me and we can talk about that too.//

After the seminar, we headed to 501 cafe! I have this new theory in my head that Oklahoma City has the best food because goodness gracious it was so good! It's really well known there as well, so I'm sure those from there are not shocked that I absolutely loved it, and also getting to talk more with the girls from Koda. They are all SO welcoming, SO sweet, and almost all medical professionals which is funny (med school, residents, surgeons, dentists, nurses, and then lawyers). I was like WOAH SMART CROWD! haha! 

Koda Crossfit didn't just invite me and fly me out but treated me immediately like I was apart of the family, and I'm just so thankful for these women and the relationship with them. I'm super excited to kick off working with them, and this morning I'm working on putting together the programs that they will receive. For those reading from Koda, there will be a place under the Shop tab that you can purchase your program and coaching. It will be 12 weeks with me, and then you can decide at that point how you want to move forward. If you are husband/wife then I'm going to provide a little bit of a discount as I know that's a lot for one family. {Click the hyperlink above and it will take you to the page!} I will have a separate facebook group that I will send for you to join as well with that so that we can discuss topics and questions that may come up from starting up! Can't wait! 

With love and Koda,


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