Marathon/Half Ironman Training Update

I haven't updated in the last two weeks, so I wanted to share what I'm training right now. I heard that some people like reading this so I thought I'd share. 

Starting July 11th, it's going to be kicked up another notch as I really settle into half ironman training. Right now, I'm focused mostly on my marathon. It is a very hilly marathon so I'm trying to make sure to work hills. The weather in NC is ATROCIOUS, reaching 100 every single day. I have to wake up so EARLY to get the runs in outside, which I don't mind getting up but it's just hard to "show up" that early and I feel super fatigued. This leads me to lots of treadmill runs if I don't get my butt out of the door (like today I'll be running 8 inside-WHOMP!) 

I'm in the final peak week before my marathon which means that mileage is really high right now. I'm running around 50 miles per week, and then finally the taper will start next week. To be quite honest, it's not the mileage that bothers me. As I put on a facebook post, I could train all day every day and be happy. The problem is that my body doesn't like it. I tend to fear injury and feel I'm like on the brink of pulling something any day because I feel my body can't recover quick enough, but yet I feel like I have to get my training in so I don't die on the course. It's a catch 22! 

Right now my hip flexors and groin area are really bothering me (and have for like 2 weeks now). I normally don't worry unless it lasts longer than one week and then I'm like "is this something I need to worry about?" I'm still not super concerned, but it definitely doesn't feel good. Tanner laughs when I tell him because he knows it will have to be an injury before I stop. And that's not because I'm crazy  (or maybe I am a little lol) but just because in marathon training, you really do have to get comfortable with the uncomfortable. In peak weeks, you aren't going to feel awesome all the time (like at all). You are going to have a lot of soreness as mileage gets higher, and fatigue and so you just have to be careful and monitor but also not be a woozy and just quit if something hurts. I make sure to hydrate, sleep (as much as I can with my schedule), and eat ALOT to make sure I'm doing everything that I can to recover.

So, for this week training is as follows: 

  • Monday-12 miles (it was brutal and made me wonder if I could actually in fact run marathons lol)
  • Tuesday-1 hour swim + Shoulders/Chest
  • Wednesday-6 miles + Back/Abs
  • Thursday- 30 min bike, 4 mile run, Biceps/Triceps 
  • Friday-8 mile run
  • Saturday-hiking 5-7 miles (the Ringleys are going backpacking)
  • Sunday-REST 
  • Monday-20 miles (slowwww and easy-last long run!!!)

I aim to at least get some form of tri training in every week obviously. I'm honestly just trying to balance everything right now, and as of July 8th, things are going to calm down and I can't wait until that day and being able to focus more on my business, clients, and training. One week I'll have two days of swimming and the next week I'll have two days of biking but after my marathon, I'm going to officially train according to a half ironman training protocol (not sure which one yet). I had planned out all of my training but you know how things change, so I just want to make sure it's appropriate for my goals. In all honesty, I want to do another marathon between July-October (when my half ironman is) so I'm just trying to see if I can keep mileage high after this race. At the least, I'm going to do a couple of half marathons if I can't do any fulls. I want to do an ultra too, and I'd love to move from my half ironman in October to begin training for a full ironman. Can you tell I'm addicted? Tanner wants me to do a powerlifting competition after my half ironman, but honestly my heart is more in the endurance events! 

Happy Training to All! I hope y'all are finding your passions and pursuing those in whatever route that may be! 

With love and training, 


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