Anniversary Recap

So for our anniversary, we normally say that we only do experiences. Not just for anniversaries, but just in general we try to stay away from gifts, and just go for experiences. We did the same this year. We had originally thought that we were going to go to Virginia at this amazingly cool place, but then decided that we wanted to save some money because we are buying a house!!! YAY! Exciting things to come in the future now that I have a home to do things at (more recipes, more get togethers, dinners, bible study, stability to be able to do LOTS more!!). 

First, on the actual day of our anniversary June 16th, we went to dinner in uptown Shelby. It was so nice. We went to Pleasant City (and who knew it was half off pizza night ha). We got home and Tanner had surprised me with champagne (my favorite-I wish I liked wine or beer but I only like champagne and liquor drinks-I'm an expensive date HA). I gave him my time from dinner onward with no phones and all of that. I wanted to just spend time with him.

Tanner texted me one day asking me if I wanted to go backpacking for our anniversary and I just thought that was the best idea, so we decided on that. Funny story is that we ended up buying a tent so there went that! HA! It is going to be such a great investment though because we will be able to use it for years to come!

So, I'm not sure if you guys are familiar with the NC mountains, but we went to the Black Mountains which are not apart of the Blue Ridge. Mount Mitchell is the highest peak in eastern North America! SAY WHAT? And in NC! So cool! So, the way that you do all of the peaks is you drive up to Mount Mitchell, and then you start the hike going from peak to peak (Mount Craig, Big Tom, Balsam Cone, Cattail Hill, and then we stopped at Potato Hill). This is about a 4 mile hike going up and down! The hike in was not near as bad as the hike back out! That was BRUTAL! haha! 

Mount Craig was the first peak that we hit, and it was absolutely beautiful and I'm so glad that we stopped to take pictures because the day got dreary after that. 

From there, it is not really a dip down but more of a straight across to Big Tom! After Big Tom, it goes down into a valley. It's so steep that they have ropes going down so that you don't fall going down and so that you can actually climb back out. It's so fun though. I felt like it was a real life spartan race or something! haha!

We thought Cattail Peak would you know, be a peak but it wasn't. I will say that's really demoralizing in hiking and happens to me a lot I feel like. I think something is going to be a peak after working really hard to get to the top and then it's anticlimactic! HAHA! I asked Tanner if we could stop and eat because I was feeling very shaky and needed some CARBS! haha! Then, we continued on our way to Potato Hill! The camp sight was in Deep gap past Potato Hill but we found some flat places that we planned to camp before that point. Deep gap is very down deep which we knew meant climbing back out ;) 

Before we got to Potato Hill, it came a terrible storm and we ducked off in this alcove. A couple from Tennessee shortly did the same, and we were able to talk with them for about 30 minutes. IT was really cool just getting to know someone that you'll never see again but just had so much in common with. People are just awesome sometimes! (Sometimes they stink too tho hahaha!!) We finally made it to Potato Hill and decided to stay there all afternoon and enjoy the sun................. rain. Haha! We were able to get maybe 1.5 hours of terrible wind but no rain. So, we made coffee and that was really fun on a mountaintop. 

Honestly, I love these days most because of just the solitude of only Tanner and I. I get to talk to him more than usual, and just talk about how excited we are about things in life right now. We can't wait to put our little home together <3 YAY! 

Anywho, it kept raining...and kept raining so at 5:30 while I am reading and settled into the alcove again, Tanner says "I think there is a storm rolling in and we should leave." I was shocked and didn't expect that. But, that's what happened. We talked for awhile about the possibilities and whether we wanted to be wet because we didn't a pad for the bottom of our tent and we decided it would be best to just go back out. So, do you remember that it took us HOURS AND HOURS to get there? And now, we needed to get out before dark? We basically sprinted up and down mountains to get back to the car! It was definitelyyyyy an adventure....that left me with a really inflamed sartorias and a husband that feels so guilty like he messed up my training! NOOOO! It was already a little inflamed but whew, that made it bad. So, I'm laying low for a few days to let this calm down so I can resume training. I had a 20 miler this morning and I missed it dang it! Maybe one day I'll make it all the way through training injury free! I know it's part of the game, but dang I hate it. 

Either way, we did not quite have the camping trip that we wanted but we know that we will be back out there in no time! :) 

With love and fun anniversaries, 


Video below and FYI: Another plan in our new home is I'm going to have a studio which means many more quality videos to come so subscribe to my channel if you are interested! :) 

With love and happy marriage,


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