When I think about Tish, I think about hard work. I think about someone who loves and gives with her whole heart, and who is an amazing member of our team. I'm so grateful for her joining me with my challenge for the switch to macros, and I hope that you enjoy her story as much as I did! :) 

For most of my life I was the “big” girl and I was really self-conscious of my body and wanted to know why I didn’t look like all of the other girls. I was genetically blessed with a bigger (muscular) frame but the way that society portrayed women made me think that I was supposed to be tiny and petite. My senior year of high school I decided that I was tired of being made fun of for being overweight so I decided to start running and eating healthier. I knew nothing about health and fitness and just dove in head first. I was super influenced by things that I read online and this led me to basically eating nothing at all while running 8-10 miles per day. Sure I lost weight, 80 pounds to be exact in just 6 short months. I went from 200 to 120 pounds in just six months. I ate maybe 600 calories a day and I ran ALL the time. I was tired, depressed, unhealthy and all of this combined with the stress of senior year led me to a lot of health issues. I went to the doctor and they wanted me to eat more and gain some weight so I decided that I was going to start eating “clean”.

I tracked my calories to make sure that I was getting enough but I would not touch something that wasn’t what I perceived to be “clean”. I wouldn’t go out to eat with friends, I wouldn’t eat something that someone else made for me and I would make myself sick if I ate something that was not up to my standards. This mentality led me to binge eating and we all know about that route so I am not going to elaborate on it but I gained weight and I gained it fast. I was back up to 160 pounds and even more miserable than before. This was right around the time that Instagram started becoming really popular and I kept seeing posts about IIFYM and flexible dieting. Being the curious person that I am and wanting to try yet another “fad” diet, I started looking into flexible dieting.

I found Katie’s page and was SO inspired by her body and her mindset. I knew that I wanted to work towards a lifestyle just like the one she was preaching about. So I did my research and I calculated a base set of macros for my activity level and it went from there. It was a huge learning process and it didn’t happen overnight.  I struggled with hitting these numbers and learning the ropes of IIFYM but once I got the hang of it, it became a lifestyle. I did my own cut and got back down to a very healthy 140 pounds but I was still doing lots of cardio. I was happy with my relationship with food but still not satisfied with my body.

I bought Katie’s Relentless Resolutions Program because I wanted start lifting weights and I wanted to build some muscle on my already large frame. I started with Katie’s workout program and at first I was scared and I hated doing the workouts but after a month of them I was in love with lifting. I basically quit doing cardio and started lifting 6 days a week. I put on muscle fairly fast and I loved the way that my body was shaping out. I realized that my broad shoulders and big quads were no longer a curse but a blessing. They helped me to run faster and lift heavier. This year I reversed my diet out from 1400-2000 calories and actually lost 5 pounds in the process. I went from 40/120/160 to 59/245/140.  I will eat anything, I can go out to eat with friends, I eat carbs before bed and I no longer have “fear foods”. I am 5’8’ and I do not know how much I weigh anymore nor do I care, I am more concerned with making PR’s every day. I am the happiest that I have ever been with my body, I am confident and I look forward to going to the gym every day. I can’t thank Katie enough for showing me the light and helping me out of the darkest place in my life. I am truly thankful for her and this group of girls that I consider family <3 

With love and amazing women,


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