Hypocrisy of Christians

Well, this is probably about the most controversial post I'll ever write. Maybe I won't hit that Publish button and maybe I will, but I thought I'd write it out first.

As someone who has "influence" in the fitness sphere, I interact on a daily basis with a lot of people. I'm not saying I'm influential. I just have somehow convinced 42,000 people to follow my journey (it's quite comical actually), but the more and more followers that come to my page, the more that I feel a need to keep my message clear. 

I love Jesus. I love my husband and family and friends next. Then, I love fitness and health. 

I have been sharing pictures of my Bible just a little bit more with little messages. I'm not saying I'm cool because of this, but it's just simply allowed people to know where I stand and so they have come to me with questions....questions about faith. 

I CANNOT stand here and say I know the answers. Quite frankly, I have to call the people I trust the most in the faith and be like "Yo, I've got a C- on my Christianity report card right now but I can't answer these questions". The reason I'm writing this blog is simply because I keep hearing a common theme: hypocrisy of Christians.

It's so very hard when the people that represent the God of love, grace and mercy are not full of love, grace, and mercy. What people see in the here and now are the people that claim to represent his truths, but yet are so far from it. It's so relevant in our culture right now with all the debating on facebook. It TRULY feels like a battle between the church and politics. "WELL THE BIBLE SAYS..." 

Do you think that's how Jesus responded to things that weren't of his liking? No. Should you stand up for what you believe in? Absolutely. But, how should you approach this? First off, it is of note that you are literally NEVER going to change someone's mind with a blog or a facebook post so in reality, I'm wasting my time even now. And quite frankly, there aren't many people that are going to change their minds PERIOD if they have believed something to be true for their entire lives. So, if you are never going to change their minds, could you think of what your purpose is in your ranting with the claim of "speaking truth and knowledge." Are you simply just doing it to prove your point?

So, let's throw some scripture out there shall we? 1 Corinthians 8:1 "We know that we all possess knowledge. But knowledge puffs up while love builds up." 

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That's all you need to see. Love builds up. Knowledge puffs up. I always envision a blown up chest walking around arrogantly when I think of "knowledge puffs up." No one likes that guy. You don't want to be that guy. Speak in truth, AND speak in love. 

Ephesians 4:15 Instead, speaking the truth in love, growing in every way more and more like Christ who is the head of the church.

The hypocrisy of Christians extends far beyond our current political situations. It's been happening for centuries, because as we all know, we ALL sin and far short of the glory of God. 

So, with that, I ask that those who maybe don't believe or are fed up with us, forgive us. Please. I speak without thinking way too many times. I puff up in knowledge (mostly with my husband because I'm always right-DUH! ;) ). I make my Jesus look bad when in reality, it's the very reason that I follow him because with all of my sin, all of my hypocrisy, all of my puffed up knowledge, anger, and rash words, he still loves me. I NEED him because I am hypocritical. 

"I like your Christ. I do not like your Christians. Your Christians are so unlike your Christ."-Gandi

Christians are not representing our Christ more than ever. Love. Lately, when I get angered, I mentally keep going back to "Is this of God?" and the answer is ALWAYS no. Does that stop my anger? Let's be real. No. Because I'm a hypocrite. I'm a sinner. And I'm not like my Christ. So, I hope you know that I don't represent Him. Your facebook bible slammer does not represent Him. No matter your political stance on ANYTHING, most likely we will NOT represent Him. Recognize that the truths you are spitting and the anger you are portraying does nothing but turn non believers away, and I have literally watched it happen with clients. THINK before you speak. 

This is NOT a political debate. I did not post political opinions in this blog, so please do NOT attack me or I will delete you. I'm simply asking that we do as the Bible says to do: speak truth (whatever that may look like to you) in love. 

With love and politics,


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