What I'm Training Thursday

I think I said last week that the training post on Tuesdays wouldn't be a thing. See, it didn't happen until Thursday this week! ;) 

I did want to update on my training as this week, I'm concentrating mostly on marathon training with keeping my tri training still there. The reason that I'm not 100% into tri training is that right now, I really am just keeping a base until I start fully training for my half ironman in October. I have convinced myself that I want to do a full ironman now. I know that seems like a lofty goal, especially after Saturday, but I've been so encouraged by moms and women who have done it and I just really think that if I continue training, I'll get there. 

However, my marathon is 16 weeks out from the half ironman so it's perfect because I will be able to focus all of my energy on tri training once the marathon is over. Right now, though, I'm more focused on the marathon. This is a "peak week" for me, and I have two of those in marathon training. I'm running 50 miles this week, and I alternate weeks with high mileage. This has really helped me to stay injury free! YAY! FINALLY! 

Sunday's are normally my long runs but because of the tri, I took Sunday off. 

Monday-Long Run (alternate week -- 10 miles) 

Tuesday-Shoulders & 2000m swim 

Wednesday-Ran 8 miles 

Thursday-30 minute bike, 6 mile run

Friday- 60 minute bike, Back/Abs

Saturday-6 mile Run

Sunday-18 miles 


I've somewhat all over the place right now, so I've got to get my schedule back on track however that's what I'm following this week! Admitably, I'm nervous for 18 miles as I always am. I also don't know why but I love doing long runs on Sundays. It's become my thing. Everyone seems to do it on Saturday, and I get to watch them all complete it on Instagram. People have races on Saturdays, and I really do taken encouragement from all of their successes and I tell myself "If this person and this person did it, I can too!" 

Many times, I judge my long run days on weather (especially during the winter). I think that's also the beauty of being my own coach. That doesn't mean that I do things right by any means, but I don't really feel that pressure and if I want to change something, I do. Nothing too exciting, but wanted to update! 

With love and training, 


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