The Definition of Success

The actual definition of success is "the accomplishment of one's goals." 

I love that specific definition. There are others that include the attainment of honor, money, or awards, but I don't like those definitions as much. 

Success is defined by who you think that you are, and what you think that you should become. When you start down a journey towards a goal, you wouldn't begin unless you wanted to be successful. Most people do not start towards a goal with the idea in mind that they might not make it. They want to make it. 

When someone starts towards success, that's always when emotions are the highest. You know exactly why you have begun the journey. It's not until you are in the muck and dirt of the journey that you question your reasoning and your motives. That's why you have to remain strong. That's why you have to look within yourself, and say "Why did I start this? I AM capable." 

A man with no legs during the NYC marathon going up the hill at the 8 mile mark

A man with no legs during the NYC marathon going up the hill at the 8 mile mark

God created us to be limitless, and the only limitations that we have are those that we set on ourselves. You can do literally anything that you want to do, and it all starts with the knowledge that you CAN do it. 

Success is defined by who you think that you are. 

It's when you BELIEVE you can that success happens. When you obtain the goal that you have set for yourself, that's when you are successful. It's not when you become the most elite runner. It's not when you become the best of the best in powerlifting. It's not when you get the manager position and beat everyone else out. This isn't about beating other people. This is about grabbing your life by the horns, and saying "This is who I want to be and this is who I'm going to be." 

The consistency that you will find from doing this will rock your world. When I finally believe that I'm an athlete and a runner, then that makes training for it that much easier. I'm going to strive towards that person because that's who I define myself as. I am defined in my community as someone who runs, so I'm certainly not going to stop running (not that I would want to). When I'm in the midst of a 16 mile run or an 18 mile run or a marathon, I have to chant to myself that someone will literally have to peel me from the pavement before I stop. Once I have begun, I am finished. Walk out your door, lace up your shoes, and pick up your feet. Do not let your mind take over and tell you that you should stop. You should not stop until you are finished. 

Running through Amsterdam <3

Running through Amsterdam <3

No matter what the goal is, there are going to be times that for a metaphor with running, you think that you are going to die. You think that you can't breathe. You think that it's just too much, and you can't do it any longer. But, the amazing beauty of the human spirit is that you can. You really can. You can push further, you can push faster, and you can accomplish success that you have written out for your life. 

I just refuse to sit back and let this life pass me by without standing for something, and standing for who I am and what I believe in. I believe in pursuing my goals with my entire heart. I believe in loving those around me more than they've ever been loved. I believe in letting God lead me in the direction that He has for my life, and not my own. I believe that no matter how muddy I get, no matter how down on my luck that I get, I will always stand back up, dust myself off, and most of the time lace up my shoes to head out on a run. 

Don't be limitations on your life. Be who YOU want to be. Be who you said you were going to be. In six months from now, look back on the person that you were before, and know that you are not that person anymore. Don't start Monday. Start Friday. 

With love and passion,


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