Today, I'm excited to share with you one of my longest standing clients, Andrea! She is one of those people that I can't imagine not checking in with weekly now, and she has even helped my business to grow. I adore her, and her story is inspiring! I'm so happy that she decided one day from instagram to reach out to me!

My passion for health and fitness started about six years ago. I have always wanted to look like a competitor, but not compete (well not just yet anyway!). I was a vegetarian for several years, but I noticed I was eating WAY too many carbs and not enough protein. So I increased my protein intake, while decreasing my carbs and started running A LOT. I thought that would give me the results I wanted, and I lost weight, of course! I participated in several group fitness classes at the gym, until I felt comfortable in the workout area. I soon became familiar with the gym equipment and weights area, but I would not stop the cardio. As I could see a layer of fat over my muscles, I felt so uncomfortable in my own skin. I started hearing all this talk about “clean eating.” Once again, I eliminated foods from my diet, thinking that would help me reach my fitness goals. I didn’t have any guidance other than what I read in magazines or online.

When I became pregnant, I was advised to continue my workout routine, but I could not lift too heavy. I found myself in more of the group fitness classes, and walked and ran often.  Staying healthy and active was very important for my daughter and me. After I was cleared to work out, I was beyond ready and dedicated to get back into shape. Even though I was active throughout my pregnancy, I felt like I was starting from the beginning.

After a couple attempts to reach my health and fitness balance, I still was not happy with my progress, physically or mentally. I was too busy looking for that “quick fix.” I knew I could not have a lifestyle that was restricting foods or having that guilt feeling when I splurged, every so often.  Then one day, BAM!! I saw KatiesFitScript on Instagram. I stalked her page for a while but immediately loved everything about her….her appearance, her words, and her passion. I saw a glimpse into how she much she cared for her clients. I say ‘a glimpse’ because the way she cares about the success and growth of her peeps is unreal. Katie’s purpose and mission is to change her clients’ lives from the inside out. This was all I needed to hear from her :)

I read about Flexible Dieting and IIFYM and felt this was the appropriate path for me, because I wanted to eat according to my fitness goals. I began a Cut, with Katie’s guidance, and saw results within a week. I was eating A LOT of food and thought “This is too good to be true!” That layer of fat, that was always there, had melted away. The best part? Foods, which I eliminated from my diet 10+ years ago, returned to my daily food menu….v e r y slowly! After a couple of weeks, I knew this was MY lifestyle. I look forward to inputting my foods into MFP daily because it holds me accountable. I have treats mixed in with my whole, nutritious foods, and I don’t feel guilty about that at all.

I have been working with Katie for seven months now, and my whole body composition has changed. It’s not about seeing abs. I appreciate my shoulder, arm, quad, hamstring, and glute gains! I am Reverse Dieting now. I truly enjoy being in the gym, for it is my ‘ME’ time. I am not spending hours on the treadmill anymore either. YAY! I absolutely love seeing my overall strength (physically and mentally) grow. Fitness has changed every aspect of my life. It amazes me how one thing can change everything! Throughout my journey, I have learned I cannot take care of my daughter unless I take care of myself. She is my reason, not my excuse. I am the MOST comfortable, in my own skin, than ever before! Just for that reason, I am sincerely thankful and grateful to have Katie in my life! My teammates (AKA my extended family) have been an integral part of my transformation as well. Thank you, Katie and #TeamKatiesFitScript, for your constant support and encouragement. I am now living my #LifeWithoutLimits!

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