Reverse Diet Update #2

I know that many of you are following along on my reverse diet, and I thought that I would give a small weekly update as to how things were going on Thursdays. I pick Thursdays because at this point, my body has already gotten used to the extra nutrition for the week and I'm over the hump. I do my increases on Sundays which are always a glorious day (from previous reverses). When you reverse, many times, you get very hungry towards the end of the week but if you stick it out for that increase, it's just a beautiful moment! HA! 

So, this week I went up to 260gC // 155g P// 66g F

Last weeks: 255g C // 155g P // 65g F

My method is VERY slow (5g C 1g F), but that's the way I like it! I go slow because I did one reverse that was unsuccessful and I found 10gC per week to be too fast for me. I like to barely notice the increases but then to look back over 6 weeks and think "WOW! This is so awesome!"

Weight: I don't know but I feel the same (I'm not going to track weight). I have held water some days, but I also think that's because I've been pretty sedentary this week (with work) other than my workouts, but my workouts were also a marathon taper so not as intense.

Goals: They are still the same. I want to increase as much as possible with no weight gain but my end goal is to gain a little weight. I believe that it will help me in training with injuries and I think that it will help with having babiesssss. 

Training: As I said, I'm tapering. I will do a total of 24 miles this week plus 3 lifting sessions and an hour swim + 30 min bike one day.

I know that there are always a lot of questions with a reverse.

How did you increase by only 1g fat? I never hit my numbers perfectly! 

I don't always hit them perfect either, but I try just because I really do think it's fun to make the puzzle work.  It takes changing things like I may plan out something then realize that it's going to make me go over by a little in one area or the other, and I have no shame in using 0.75 of something. But, in a reverse, do you have to hit it perfectly. No and yes. You need to be close because the entire point of it is so that your body can get used to that nutrition, adapt and then move forward. 

I'm WELL aware there is no data. I'm WELL aware that you could debate me out of town with whether you think reversing is valid scientifically but I've watched it work time and time again, so I'm gonna keep on keepin on.

Can you increase faster?

Absolutely! Many people increase at 10g C 2g F or you could do 5g C 3g F! There is no set "rule" but it's just a slow increase in carbs and fat over time to let your body adapt metabolically. 

Can you reverse without counting macros?

I'm gonna go with no. It's going to be really hard to track this. I get asked a lot "What is the difference between macros and reverse dieting?" Reverse dieting USES macros. You have to be counting macros, have a set point to begin and then slowly increase them.

If you have any questions, feel free to ask and I can answer them! :) 

With love and reversing, 


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