How to hit your Goal: Weight & Macros

So, I think I've done a million and one blogs on different topics pertaining to reaching your goals, but I wanted to provide a concise step by step process to maybe tie up those lose ends of confusion. 

It really all depends on where you start, but the gist of things simply is going to be Cut--> Reverse --> Cut --> Reverse until you reach your goal. I'm going to go ahead and LINK UP the difference between cutting and reversing just so that's clear from the get go.

Normally, the route that I take with everyone is to provide a cut, and then once you reach your goal, we begin reversing. This allows you to be at your goal weight but to eventually have your goal weight while eating high calories which is such an easy way to live life in a healthy manner. I'm EASILY able to live life with friends and do social things within my macros without any hardship, and that's because I took about a year to really focus on the cut and then the reverse following. I think many times people are fooled because they see my high calories and my physique and think "What the heck? It's because she runs so much." No. It's not. It's because I cut at 95g C and then reversed my way out of it. 95g C is low and I don't recommend it, but my protein was high and I wanted it sooooooo I did it. I did this for a period of like 3 months while I was preparing for one of my shows, and then after that show I reversed all the way up to 265g C. This has been a LONG LONG journey of reversing. I've taken breaks, but I've not cut since that day because when I reverse, I take it seriously. 

{{The one disclaimer is if you are already eating some ridiculously low amount of food and seeing no results. The two things that normally are the case are that you are binging every so often which is basically cancelling out all of those days of restriction, or your metabolism is SHOT and you need to start with a reverse and not a cut. Low calories and no results = increase calories in a balanced manner.}}

Step 1: Start your calories high to utilize your metabolism and activity level.

Step 2: If no results after 2 weeks-1 month on these (with no crazy cheat weekend binges), then reduce caloric intake SLOWLY. If having crazy weekend escapades then that's the first thing to fix and it will make ALL the difference. 

Step 3: If you are seeing results on macros, continue these macros. 

Step 4: Continue until you hit your goal weight or physique for that time period (this may not be your final goal).

Step 5: Slowly reverse calories through a reverse diet.

Step 6: If you reverse and aren't at your goal, cut slowly again. Your calories should be higher this time to provide more room to cut. 

I don't want this to be long winded because it seems super complicated, but it's not and I want you to be able to do this! 

If you'd like to know more about how you can eat this and anything else that you please and still get results, see these posts or my MACRO RESOURCE LIBRARY

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