My Honest Opinion of Cheat Meals

I'm not sure Im even a blogger anymore! HAHA JK! I just disappeared for an entire week while I moved. It was crazy times so I just kinda took a break.

So, I know what you think that I'm going to say. "I don't like the word cheat meals because it has a bad connotation and leads to negative associations." Well, that is part of it. However, the new thing is that people are having cheat meals and calling them "treat meals" because that sounds better. I still just don't like that. 

I know that we always say that you have to make it a lifestyle and not just a fad diet to make this life sustainable and that's the truth but what does that really mean? Does that mean that your lifestyle includes torturing yourself all week to have one big "treat meal" on the weekends? 

I think it all depends though. If you are going into a competition or you are in the process of cutting and just really need a big meal to help your mindset, then by all means, yes yes you should. However, there are far too many times that I feel like we just torture ourselves during the week living for the weekend "treat meal". 

This was NOT a cheat-it was simply me eating while on vacation in Europe. I was on vacation, not gorging, not tracking but just simply....eating. It's a novel concept I know ;) 

This was NOT a cheat-it was simply me eating while on vacation in Europe. I was on vacation, not gorging, not tracking but just simply....eating. It's a novel concept I know ;) 

The further and further that I go into my fitness journey, I just feel like I'm so lucky and I realize that and I'm so incredibly thankful for that. My calories are high and I'm able to really fit whatever I want within my macros and not worry about it. Sometimes there are things that I want one day but I just wait until the next if I can't fit it on one particular day and put it in the next day. I literally have fast food everyday (don't judge me, I'm just being honest with you). I'm not saying that you should eat crap but I'm just saying that health is not about deprivation. Health to me is about feeling whole body, mind, and spirit and you wanna know what makes me feel that way....true balance. 

Balance so much that I don't need extremes in any form. The people that I know that have an incredibly good relationship with food (my best friend) don't like have a big waffle cone of ice cream on the weekends because it's the weekend and her "treat meal." She simply wants ice cream so she eats it...that could be Monday or Saturday. I have had many talks with her about food as I've worked on my own personal relationship and I've talked with my mom too (who has an incredibly good relationship with food). Like what's your mindset? How can I shape my mind to look like that? 

Let me tell you that cheat/treat meals aren't in that. They just EAT. I know it's a learned art, but it's possible to live a healthy life, eating what you want EVERYDAY in moderation not like gearing up for that crazy meal you are going to have. I know that I'm different on this, and some people may totally disagree and that's totally up to each person, but I also think that's why I'm able to maintain weight very easily. I just don't do extremes anymore. My body has had enough with extremes. I don't cut. I don't bulk. I just eat. I could truly eat my intake for the rest of my life without any epic gorge fests, and I would be as happy as a clam. If I have ice cream at lunch, I don't WANT fries at dinner. It makes me feel disgusting. It's not a matter of body image. It's not a matter of being afraid to eat ice cream and fries in the same day (because I totally would). I just simply know what makes me feel good and what doesn't.

I give my girls a cheat meal that I work with because a lot of times it's good for their mental state, but many times I'll get emails that they simply just don't want a cheat and are fine with their intake, and I'm like ROCK ON SISTA! I'm all for that. Happiness so much that you don't even need a cheat. HOLLA! 

I guess it's individual but it comes down to two things: 

1. Are you happy with your weekly intake? If not, then maybe you should work towards fixing that. (It is a process during the cutting phase so yes, this takes patience) 

2. Do you ever feel awesome after a big epic cheat meal? If so, then maybe it's for you. But, for this girl, I'm not a fan. I'd rather just have lasagna on a Tuesday because I want it that Tuesday and just eat a normal portion versus an epic portion because I waited until Saturday. 

When I express my opinions on my blog, I always feel a little bit nervous. Is this going to stir controversy? Am I going to upset someone? So, I always want to leave with the disclaimer that truly we are all so different. I have so many friends who have not been able to do macros and think it's restrictive and while I don't really understand that, I know that we all different so I hope you'll just chalk this up to that if you disagree! :) 

With love and cheats, 


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