Confession: I'm really Lazy

I know you are reading this thinking that I've lost my mind and that I am not in fact lazy .... 

As Tanner likes to say, "You are such an odd mix." 

I'm not lazy at all in the sense that I am always doing things, and getting into new things, and always training for something or always working on something. However, I think a better description is....I don't pay attention to detail. 

And it's bit me in the butt for the final time. 

I'm having some serious IT band/TFL pain and have been for about 2 months now. This isn't like some big injury so of course, I've continued to train. Of course, I haven't literally not one time. Y'all wanna know what I did before my MARATHON UP A MOUNTAIN. I woke up...drove to the track...and just started mile 1 all the way to 26. I'm like laughing at myself for how incredibly dumb it sounds when I type it out, but if there is one person who will say "I just don't feel like doing those things", I'm your girl. 

Ever since I was a little girl in soccer, I didn't want the water breaks at half time. I didn't want the orange slices. I don't want to stretch. I don't want to foam roll. I don't want to take Ibuprofen when I have pain. I just want to do what needs to be done. Like can we get back to the game? When I need to read a book for school, I would skim because I have always felt this overwhelming pressure almost that I had SO much to do, I couldn't focus my time really on anything. I am not a perfectionist. I'm just a do-er. 

I don't have time to remember to take my Calcium and my multivitamins. I don't buy a nice bike because its too much money and "I don't have time to go get fitted" (and my bike broke on my last tri). I don't want to pay for new running shoes for marathon training so I'll just train in these random new balances that aren't fit to my foot at all (I got a stress fracture in my foot). I don't do things ever until it's too late, and I have the injury. I don't have time to look up stability and core work. I don't have time. I don't have time. I'm too busy. BLAH BLAH. I ANNOY MYSELFFFFF. 

I feel like so many times people will come to me and ask me for advice for injury prevention and I'm like "Oh yea try this stretch" that I will never do myself. I'd rather run an extra mile or have time to answer that one more email from a client then to genuinely take time to take care of myself. So, that's changing. I've been making some big changes in my life and my business and I really think that it's going to affect my quality of life. I genuinely want to be a really good athlete for years and years, and I've got to take better care of myself.  I'm going to start doing yoga (like forreal). I'm going to start stability work, and stretching and foam rolling. If y'all saw how I train for events, you would be really shocked I think. I'll take off like 5 days then jump back in at high mileage. I'll skip workouts like it's going out of style these days. I've gotten complacent, and it's not what I really want. I've just gotten overwhelmed with life. So, this is me stepping back, taking a breather and taking care of myself for once.

I have decided I want to do a full ironman before I have children. I know for some, they wonder if I'll ever get around to pro creating as I feel I get asked every other day but honestly, I'm 25. I'm so young. I have plenty of time, and I really just have a lot of goals that I know will be so much harder with children. I know that it's possible and I will continue to run marathons and do ironmans but it will just be harder. I feel as if a lot of people in my real life won't understand these goals, but their mine and that's what makes me ME! <3 When I become a mom, I want to be a good mom. I want to be a detail oriented mom who takes care of herself and takes the time to take care of the details of them as well. I'm looking to do Ironman Chattanooga (Oct 2016) or Ironman Panama City (Nov 2016) which will be after the Boston Marathon (April 2016). 

I want children. I actually want lots but we will see what happens. I want to adopt, but I also want to reach my goals that I have set for myself first. It's funny how we plan out of lives, and then we find we are led to do other things first. 

Maybe I should call today's post: RANDOM THOUGHTS! haha! :) 

As always though, just keeping you guys informed! 

With love and positive changes, 


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