How to Find Your Value Outside of a Scale

So, this post may be more of a therapy session but let's be honest, that's what I am sometimes. ;) hahaha! 

I used to be that girl that lived on that scale. Every single morning and every single night, I would see where I was at. During my severe restriction days, it was normally a pretty good feeling of satisfaction. I had done my "good eating" on those days but if I ever slipped, I would have panic attacks (legit) when I would get on the scale. I remember one time hyperventilating because the scale read 96 pounds (can we forget those days existed? How embarrassing? lol)! 

Now, it has been a year, I guess, since I've not stepped on a scale. I say "I guess" because it wasn't like I broke up with the scale and have some official date that I said NO MORE. It was a gradual thing that kinda changed my life for the better. I also think that I've had to get on the scale for like doctors appointments but I can't remember what those numbers were because I'm not attached to it anymore. I just wanted to share some tips on how to do this: 


Okay this is a no brainer, but like how are you going to say no to the scale if it's like staring at you in the bathroom. Every morning and every night just like looking at you like "STEP ON ME STEP ON ME." I swear it's like the little devil on your shoulder. Just no. Get rid of it. Sometimes if I walk into a friends bathroom and I see a scale, I want to like take it home and get rid of it for them because it inevitably always causes emotion for most women. 


How amazing would it be if the health and fitness industry was 100% about taking care of yourself? How amazing would it be that when I show pictures of women who have changed their lives and are more stable now with food then they ever have been, and have had ZERO weight loss that there would be as many likes on my instagram pictures? It's really disheartening when I share REAL girls, and they get so many less likes than someone who has lost like 50 pounds. Fifty pounds lost takes an immense amount of handwork but so does taking care of yourself with no change at all. 

Find value in the fact that you are feeding yourself and if your metabolism is not allowing you to lose weight at this time then work on that, and don't worry about the weight loss. 


I think this is what lures women in. They set out on a weight loss journey with this fixation on a number. They want to be in the 140s or 120s or 160s in weight. They can't seem to get to that point and so they just want to drop calories lower and lower to get there even if it's not healthy. When they do reach that point, there's normally some other new number that they become fixated on and it never ends. Just take care of yourself. The rest will follow. 


This is such a loaded one. LIKE DUH KATIE, but it's not that easy. I know that. But honestly, if you don't accept yourself at 200 then 190 then 180 then you are going to hate the journey. Again, if you are fixated on that end point, you are going to feel like it will never happy. There are dozens of competitors that can tell you that they get to the leanest that they've ever been and they are the most unhappy with their bodies than they have ever been before. It has nothing to do with weight or how lean you are for how much you accept yourself. If you are struggling to accept yourself at 200 then you are still going to struggle at 125 so you need to work on that first and foremost. 


If you are weighing yourself twice daily, then you need to cut that down to once daily for the first week. After that first week, cut it to every other day. After that, cut it even further. Eventually, like me, you will forget the last time that you weighed. 


Like FORREALS. I could sit here and worry about a million things right now but what the heck good does that do me? If you have a test tomorrow and you sit there and worry all day about when you are going to get to study, does that help you get to studying any faster? NOPE. If you have a marathon to run, do the nerves before help you to run that race any better? NOPE. If you are worried about your weight, does that make it magically disappear? NOPE! The constant worry literally does absolutely nothing. It helps nothing and only ends up hurting you. This is huge in my method of enjoying life always. I'm not saying you don't need to face your problems and do what you have to do, but mentally try to detach from the emotion. If I had an exam, I just don't think about it. I study of course, and I study hard, but I just don't worry about it. 


It's not a bad thing to want to look better or feel better or to take care of yourself. I'm like 100% all about that. I'm all about you losing weight if that means that you did it the right way. But, what I'm not about is the obsession with a body fat percentage. If you find yourself focusing too much on aesthetics, I really recommend finding a sport. This is really life changing for a lot of women. They take up running, triathlons, powerlifting, or crossfit and it truly gives you a sense of empowerment of being stronger than yourself and feeling accomplished and not worrying about the weight that's associated. However, inevitably weight loss normally happens the less we worry with it.


The last thing I think about in my busy days are what my weight is. If the scale is not in your house, and you are busy all day long until your head hits the pillow with goals that you have set for yourself, then you are going to slowly not even think about it anymore. If you are just sitting on your couch watching netflix while you eat cheez-its, you are going to torture yourself with all the reasons that you shouldn't be eating the cheez-its and it's no way to live.

I know it's hard to change these habits. It's never easy but if you have emotion connected to the scale, then you need to get rid of it. I cut without it, I reverse dieted without it and you can do. Go by how you feel, how your clothes feel, how well you are doing in your sport, and you'll be a lot happier that you did. 

With love and scales, 


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