My Favorite Adult Beverages

Hey guys! So I made a blog a while back that has been pretty popular about how to track alcohol macros. However, it also has generated so many questions, so I'm going to make a one line simple equation for how to calculate the macros in your alcohol to clear any of those questions up while linking up the full blog if you want to read more. 

Calories listed (Alcohol=60 calories per ounce)/divide by 4=15g Carb in 1 shot(ounce) of vodka

So, wine typically has 125calories per glass (~5oz) divided by 4 = 31.25~31g carb per glass of wine

A light beer has about 100 calories so that would be divided by 4 = 25g carb in one beer 

So, take your calories, divide by 4 = total carbs 

It's going to tell you that vodka has 0g protein 0g fat 0g carb. This is because ethanol is it's on macronutrient but it's metabolized like a carb so just count it as such. 

Now, I wanted to tell you how I do things because let's be honest, who wants to spend 50g carb on 2 beers. Thats literally 4 pieces of regular bread, 5.5 pieces of low carb bread, 1 whole cup of frozen yogurt or like a cup of rice. In my personal opinion, I would MUCH MUCH rather have froyo, thank ya very much. But, I don't really like beer so there's that. I'm that girl that only likes liquor drinks to be honest. 

My drink of choice used to be white russians however, I got REALLY tired of them. I cannot tell you how much I used to drink them. It was a bit ridiculous and I would keep the ingredients stocked at all times. They are also like 60g C 20g F in one drink so there's that. HA! 

I typically love champagne. One glass is about the same as wine at 125calories/4=31g carb (Brut Zero) but if you go for Doux, it's like 175 calories/4= 44g carb in one glass (ha not worth it) 

My drinks of choice are: 

  • Diet Sundrop + 1 oz tequila = make shift margarita

(I even put salt on the rim of a margarita glass and it's amazing! My mom put triple sec into hers as well, and this did not taste as good so just diet sundrop and tequila and you're good to go)

  • Club Soda + Whipped Cream Pinnacle Vodka 

(i could really just drink straight Whipped cream vodka from the actual bottle #tooturnt but that's a little much and gives quite the hangover so I keep it classy with some club soda ;) ) 

  • Gin and Diet Tonic Water 

(Regular tonic water has lots and lots of caloriessss and carbiessss so I just get diet)

  • Vodka and Diet coke 

(not that tasty but it'll do) 

  • Makeshift Mojito: club soda, lime, mint, and one ounce (shot) of rum
  • Vodka and diet cranberry 

As you can see, the best option to go with is normally, a shot of liquor and a diet drink! Give me half of one and I'm on stage 1. If I drink the whole thing, I wake up with my clothes on backwards in the middle of a field somewhere. HAHA! Totally kidding!!!! Point is: light weight and one is fine with me #cheapdate 

I hope this gives you ideas with going into the weekend of how to make those beverages work for the goals that you have for yourself. It is of note that you will retain a little bit of water with any alcohol that you drink so you may feel a little puffy the next morning but not to fear, it will come right off and you'll be back to normal in no time! :) 

With love and alcohol, 


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