Paleo & Whole 30 VS Macros

If you have never heard of macros before and you start a diet, you think to yourself how it will compare to all of the other diets. You are skeptical because you've tried it all from those packaged meals they send you online to the Whole 30 to the Beachboy Reset to Weight Watchers. You are the fad dieting PRO and so you just roll your eyes at yet another "diet." 

I get frustrated at this, and just wanted to shed some light. 

Paleo is simply eating food that cave men eat and taking it back to completely whole foods. The foods that they tell you to eat are fruits, vegetables, lean proteins, nuts, and seeds. The foods they tell you to avoid are grains, legumes, dairy and of course anything processed. 

This is not everyone but for me personally, all I read when I see that is restriction. You can't have this and you can't have that. I think that it creates a fear of certain foods, and even wonderful foods such as quinoa, oats, and your only carbs are from vegetables and fruit and maybe a little from the nuts. 

Whole 30 is a similar approach and meant to be a 30 day challenge. The challenge is just simply to eat real food. It's not a weight loss program. It's a get healthy program because we don't realize how awful all of those foods are for us to which I would agree. 

However, again, all I see is restriction and it's important to recognize that if you decide to eat paleo, why would paleo help you to lose weight? 

Well, that's because the foods that you are eating have a lower glycemic index, they keep you full longer but the fact of the matter is, those foods are made up of carbs, fats, and proteins. Both Whole 30 and Paleo are going to be high in fat because they encourage lots of healthy fats, and while I think that this is a wonderful facet of health, it's important to recognize that: 

Weight loss and getting healthy are basically two separate entities

Yes, these diets will help you get "healthy" as they are full of vitamins and minerals and low on processed ingredients. However, if you are a person that has problems in the past with restrictions and food fears, then you just need to be able to see it as it is and not become addicted to the restriction and thinking it's the cure all for weight loss.

If you are wanting to lose weight it's simply an energy expenditure therefore calories in versus calories out 

There is WIDE spread debate on this, but I'm telling you, whether it be a candy bar that is broken up into carbs, fats, and minimal protein or if it's whole fruits and veggies, you are going to see the exact same amount of weight loss if you are eating the same amount of calories. The issue is that when someone eats a candy bar, they are hungry like 10 minutes later, and they eat something else high in fat and carbs. It's not the candy bar that is the problem. It's not the simple act of being a french fry that is a problem. It's that these foods are dense calories, and leave you feeling hungry soon after so it's better to get more volume from other food choices. 

Macros = calories

No matter what diet you go on, you are doing macros. 4kcal/g of protein and carb and 9kcal/g of fat! You may be eating healthy food to fit those macronutrients, but every single morsel of food that ever enters your mouth has a breakdown of fats, carbs and proteins. 

"But no, I do herbalife for weight loss" "But, have you tried Shakeology?"

GREAT BUT ITS MACROS! It's all macros. MACROS FOR EVERYONE. You know how when you say a word so many times, it starts to look really weird. That's how I feel about the word "Macro" pronounced Makro NOT May-cro which I hear a lot from people in my community. HAA!

Herbalife Chocolate Shake = 90 calories 1g F 13g C 9g P 

Shakeology Chocolate Shake = 160 calories 2g F 17g C 17g P

You don't need to only eat/drink shakes to lose weight!!! You just need to learn the simple nutrition of them!!! If you decide to fill your daily macros with shakeology or herbalife then more power to ya sister but just learning that knowledge! 

I thought an obnoxious picture of me eating a bagel would be good here! HA! Why a bagel? Because I had a long run and it has 60g C NOT because bagels are "good or bad" for you!

I thought an obnoxious picture of me eating a bagel would be good here! HA! Why a bagel? Because I had a long run and it has 60g C NOT because bagels are "good or bad" for you!


Call me freakin crazy here, and I know that I haven't read every study but it's just impossible to know. I'm not saying that this gives us an excuse to go eat freely but I think many times people are like HAVE YOU SEEN THE INGREDIENT LIST? And I'm like "Yea, and your point is?" They don't know what half of those ingredients are, which leaves them to say "YEA!!! You don't even know the ingredients so you shouldn't eat that crap!!!!" Okay valid, but before spewing off with all your judgments, I would first go back to primary literature and look at the studies of the specific ingredients to see what you think. Then, let's talk. I just don't like when people form these massive opinions when they are just don't even know. 

With all of that said, I'm going to start eating this way more! HAHAHAHA! 

Well, in short, because I'm not concerned about weight loss and I also am over the period in my life of restriction of foods. I know that I can have Wendys if I want it. I know that I can have ice cream, french fries, or a burger if I want it and so if I crave those things, I'm going to probably have them. However, I think that it's important on a daily basis, during the week, when you don't really have all the outings that you will on the weekends, that you make an effort to better your health. But, what do I mean by that? The only reason that I say that this is better for my health is because it provides me with specific vitamins and minerals that I believe to be good for my organs and my training. Electrolytes are so important in endurance training and I think that eating a diet more high in micronutrients and plant based is going to help with that. But hey, if you wanna just take a multivitamin, that's cool too. 

One of the biggest reasons that I'm doing this is also because I'm feeling led by the Lord. "KATIE YOU'VE LOST IT NOW!" HAHA! I'm not saying that I feel like the Lord only had certain foods that he wanted us to eat, or maybe he did. I'm not going into THAT debate. I'm simply saying that I have just praying over this, and for some reason I just feel led to do this almost in a fasting type manner. I feel that we get so gluttonous with our foods, and obsessive over taste. I will fully disclose soon about a program that I want to start called Nourish but until then, I'll just say that I feel that everything should be pointed to the cross and I feel like sometimes our obsession over taste and image (this is not eating disorder stuff, this is like everyone in the world stuff) that we forget our true purpose.

I also have felt chronically dehydrated. I wake up and when I stand up, I'm dizzy. That's not good and just simply means I'm dehydrated and so I've vowed to at least for now, cool my jets on the diet soda. I got so lazy and love it but I was getting terrible headaches, stomach aches after runs from dehydration and it just isn't worth it.

So, I'm about to be a lean mean vitamin eating MACHINE! I'm so excited about some new recipes that I'm going to try and how colorful and joyful they make me. If you know me, you know my immense love of fast food, so this is big news peoples!! HAPPY PLANT EATING! 

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