Half Ironman Training Update

Hey guys! I haven't updated you in awhile about the training that I'm doing so I thought I'd outline a post on what my plans are. 

I'm REALLY interested in getting faster now that I have a lot of other things off my plate. I haven't always cared therefore putting in the research to figure out a program for myself has been on the bottom of my to do list and I would just make sure I hit a certain mileage and be done. I have changed my tune on that now and want to do tempo runs, farklets, intervals, speed work and easy runs and work on that heart rate training to really get faster. I always like to set long term and short term goals but a long LONG term goal would be to do a marathon sub 3 hours. Who knows if it will ever happen but I'd like to push my body to see! So, yesterday I did my first bike ride outdoors for 25 miles and it felt awesome. I'm going to do that same route on Wednesday on my own most likely and then run 3 miles after as I'm trying to get used to that brick transition. It feels SO weird when you start, but once your legs stop the numb feeling, you can start cruising. 

I'm also doing a stretching routine before and after every single workout and I can already tell a huge difference in my ability to recover. I do a hip mobility exercise before (you don't want to do static stretching before) and then I do static yoga type stretches after. I should dedicate more time but I only do it for like 5 minutes but it's still helpful.

My half marathon is 8 weeks away which is actually quite comical but we will see if we can pull this thing out of my butt. 

Sunday-25 mile bike 

Monday-8 mile tempo + 1500m swim 

Tuesday-5 mile speed work run + Arms + Yoga with mom and bestie that night!

Wednesday-25 mile bike + 3 mile run 

Thursday-12 mile run 

Friday-2000m swim + 3 mile EZ + LIFT

Saturday-14+ miles (hopefully depending on my running group)

Sunday-30 mile bike

To be honest, Im really pushing myself right now. I really want to increase mileage as I feel that as I get closer to my marathons, I'm always like "Oh yes, I need to run further" and I just grind it out and then I get hurt. I'm trying to gradually increase, and keep a steady amount of miles each week so that I don't get injured and so that I can get faster. I plan on getting in one 50 mile bike ride before the big day and hopefully going to do that on September 18th! There is no right way to do this, and honestly I'm kinda making it up as I go based on my schedule but I hope it helps! 

with love,


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