200 calorie Livermush and Cheese sandwich

Well, y'all know I'm all about getting Shelby on the map. You know, the jungle, this dangerous city that we live in. I'm seriously considering doing a rebuttal to that youtube video but NEVERTHELESS, I DIGRESS. I also am on a mission to prove the health benefits of livermush. It's always exciting when a post gets as popular as that one did, going slightly "viral" in the south, until someone starts criticizing your character because of the brand of livermush that you use. HAAA! Jenkins, macks, frank currier...I don't give a dang! Just give it to me ;) 

To reference why Shelby is awesome, see HERE

To reference the health benefits of livermush, see HERE

I'm going to go ahead and add this in so that everyone knows that I don't condone eating processed crap. However, in the south, I know for a fact that my stepfather wouldn't have lost 50 lbs and my mom wouldn't have lost 25lbs to change their lives if it weren't for recipes like this. So please don't tell me how fat free cheese is bad for you, or that you shouldn't eat bread....please. Sometimes weight loss is more important for health than making someone eat perfectly raw vegan non GMO when they think it's disgusting. #rantover

WITHOUT FURTHER WAITING (because I'm not sure the correct spelling of adu): 

The macro breakdown is 201 calories // 3g fat // 26g carb // 25g protein


  • 40 calorie Nature's Own Honey Wheat Bread (of course you can choose the bread of your choice, but I'm showing you how to make this as low calorie as possible)
  • 1 ounce livermush 
  • 1 piece fat free american cheese 
  • 3 egg whites
  • spray butter 
  • Tender Love and Care 


Bear with me as there are a lot of pictures, but essentially you just make a grilled cheese but with egg whites and livermush! 

First, I cut off one slice of livermush and store the rest in tupperware or to save time in the mornings, just pre cook the livermush. One ounce is about one slice, and here is a picture of about what that looks like (one slice is for one sandwich so if making for two people then of course more): 

2. Cook that livermush (I know you know how to make it perfectly the way you like it so I won't bother with boring you with that. Some like it crispy and some mushy (I'm a mushy girl)

3. Crack 2 egg whites into a bowl and add the cooked livermush to make a slop (HA)

I would never add such a vile disgusting terrible quality picture to my blog if it wasn't for a purpose. HAHA!!! I feel as if said slop is important to make as it makes the omelette for the sandwich super easy. You could always just put your piece of livermush on this but I like it to all be mixed together. So, I mix this in a bowl first before I cook it! 

4. Cook the omelet. 

5. Spray butter two ends of bread 

6. Make grilled cheese type sandwich by laying the first piece of bread down, then adding the fat free cheese, putting the livermush omelette on top, and then the other piece of bread! 

TADA! You have a BOMB breakfast! YUM YUM!!! 

with love and livermush,


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