What I'm Training Tuesday

Last week, I had a come to Jesus moment. I had a moment of "Katie, you have got to slow down."  I think that I had gotten so caught up in everything that we were doing that I just stuck my head down and dug through it all. I had to realize that this was really affecting my quality of life, and I had to put some boundaries on it. I always said that I was going to put boundaries but quite frankly, that would last for like a day and I would always just feel like there was work that had to be done so I would do it. I still feel that way and it's hard to fight it but I know that I needed to do it, so I promised myself that no matter what, I would put work away at 5pm and not start until the next day.

I knew in this that there would be certain aspects of my business that would suffer, and for the past week, part of that has been blogging. Blogging is honestly one of my favorite things that I do, but it does take time to write out these posts every day and with the volume of emails that I was receiving, I decided to prioritize that first. I would love to say that my blog makes money like I know that many do (I'm not afraid to share the business side of things lol) but I just have not had the time to look into that as much even though I do feel like I probably have enough viewers to do so. So, the point of that is, coaching is where my income is so that's what I've focused on and just wanted to be real with you guys! :) 

Another thing that I decided to prioritize was training. As crazy as it seems, even with a fitness business, I was putting training off to answer more emails. That just doesn't make sense. I am a fitness coach because I love the training and pushing myself so I decided that 1-2 hours per day depending on what I had planned for that day needed to be done, and I was actually going to follow through on my workouts. I had started skipping A LOT. 

I'm in full swing training for a half ironman. I had a tight IT band, and so I've really been focusing on stretching that daily and doing stability work on this 3x/week per a sweet client of mine that's a PT. I really thought that it was going to keep me out of the half but I was telling myself I would take it one day at a time and see what I could train. I have realized that I love to train at high volumes but in order for my body to be able to handle this, I've got to recover and rehab and stretch or I'm just going to continue to get injured. 

So, last week, here was my training schedule: 

Monday-Swim 2000m (no drills but just straight swam it straight through and was proud to be able to do this far without stopping) 

Tuesday-run 6 miles 

Wednesday-Brick workout: Bike 40 min/Run 15 minutes followed by a quick 20 min shoulder/chest workout (I do all of this at the Y and that means that I'm there for like an hour and 20 minutes. It sounds like a lot but it's not that serious so no one panic ;) ) 

Thursday-Swim 1500 meters (300m WU(warm up), 6x50 fast, 500m race pace, 4x50 fast, 200m CD (cool down) --> 4 miles later that day outside

Friday-Lifted back and biceps (I actually had 6 miles planned but I knew that I had a run scheduled with friends on Saturday morning so I kept it light) 

Saturday-planned 8 miles but got excited with my new running group and ran 12! 

Sunday-biked 2 hours which is about 25-30 miles (I did this inside on a spin bike) 

Monday-swam 1200m (I was late to the pool and got kicked out boo), leg day 

Tuesday (today)- 6 miles on deck 

I know what you're thinking-She hasn't taken any rest days and I haven't. It's not that I'm like scared of rest days or obsessive but I just enjoy working out and swimming is rest from running and very easy on my body and Friday, I lifted arms only which is honestly not a big deal.  As I posted last week, I'm wanting to do a full ironman next year so I really am trying to take things seriously. As I always say, if I could be good enough to be a professional athlete I would so do it. 

Hope this inspires you to get your booty moving! I'll keep you posted on what I'm training as the weeks progress! :) It'll probably look crazier and crazier ;) haha! 

With love and training, 


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