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So, as y'all know, I'm from a small town in North Carolina. For those that know me personally and live here, they probably think I'm a super nerd for doing this article. For those that don't live here, I have to tell you about this place on the map because it's adorbs and I probably have 10X more readers that aren't from where I'm from, so let me begin by telling you that it has not always been this way. 

When you grow up in a small town, the last thing that anyone talks about is coming back. I always knew that I would, but it's like not the cool thing to do to go back home to family. For my family, that's different. It's like born, bred, and driven into us basically that we will be disowned. #kidding #kinda There was this youtube video made, and it is the most ridiculous video that like holds no truth to what our town is really about. It's actually comical it's so silly and makes Shelby look dangerous and awful.

I totally understand people moving away but having quite literally hundreds of people (maybe thousands) of people that I know and would have my back any day is a really cool feeling. I just bought a house and got a deal on basically every single facet of buying a house because "oh well I know so and so who does this" I can't imagine how it must be to have children when you don't have an entire clan to help you out. Haha! Tanner loves living here. He says there is nothing like it. It used to be kinda lame though. I mean it wasn't THAT bad at all, but it just wasn't what it is now however there are some people that have gotten really excited about bringing it back to life, and it has the whole town excited and just doing more and more. We keep priding ourselves on "being the new Asheville" but we don't have many hippies and we don't really care about organic foods (for now). 

Incredible photo by Jeff Adams at  neofilm.us

Incredible photo by Jeff Adams at neofilm.us

Downtown is where it's at right now. There is one street, Lafayette that has basically everything.

Pleasant City Wood Fire Grille is a pizza place and bar that everyone loves. They have bands on the weekends and a lot of people come out. 

There is a froyo place beside of it called the Fuzzy Peach and then down a little further is the new brewery (Newgrass) opening up by a long time friend, Jordan that I grew up with. She will be the youngest female owner of a brewery in the nation. The entire town is SO pumped about this. Around the corner is a home owned dog shop called RollOver Pets and it has everything you can imagine for a dog as well as grooming and babysitting ;) 

Across the street, you'll find Shelby Cafe which has been there for YEARS and years. You grow up with these places and don't realize just how cute they are until you come back, or maybe it's just me. They sell lots and lots of livermush ;) and all the other local foods. If you want fine dining, we have that too at Smoke on the Square which prides themselves on Southern Soul Fare and winning multiple cooking competitions across the southeast! 

There's a specialty wine shop around the corner called Dragon fly and an adorable micro brewery roasting shop called Lilly Bean. There's a burger joint called Newt's that specializes in burgers and beer. Around the corner from that is the Don Gibson Theater. There are some really big names that come into Shelby and different events held there frequently. There's a really awesome hair salon called Hats Off where two of my good friends work (one of which is a marathon runner herself!) There's a new bike shop that opened up called Puzzle Creek and it has two really knowledgeable cyclists who will help you in any way. They have been super successful with this store and have opened up this location in our downtown (one of which will complete Ironman Chattanooga in a few weeks). Miss Molly's Boutique is a boutique opened by one of my really good friends and her parents and it has the most adorable clothes and it's so much more affordable than all the boutiques around North Carolina!

There's Shelby Yoga Center and then a crossfit gym down the street. There's a cleveland county runners club that meets every Saturday at the court square and runs different distances and paces and you just join up with those that you want to run with running all through the rolling hills of the city. Swamp Fox is a local mass general store that just opened up one street over along with Mi Pueblitos which is another bar and Mexican restaurant where bands come (guess you could say it's apart of our "night life" haha). There is also a new olive oil store that opened up that has over 45 different oils and vinegars aged from 8-18 years. There's a monogram shop right on that street as well called Logos to Go if you ever need anything adorably monogrammed.

Every second Saturday all of the stores hold specials and there is a band that plays on the court square and families can come because there's activities for the kids. 

The last thursday of every month, we have Alive after 5 which is when there are bands that come to the court square and vendors with food and beer and everyone dances and has a good time. The farmers market comes out every Saturday and every Thursday night, there is a yoga class after a short run on the square. This is all like on the same street. There's an Art Walk, a livermush festival (Mush, Music & Mutts-you can bring your dogs HA), the fair (okay its not that exciting but it's the biggest one other than Raleigh in the state), and Clear Mountain View Festival which is a HUGE musical festival all weekend long and some really big names come out. We have Owl's Eye winery (literally 0.5 mile from my house) and it's so beautiful to run down this road. 

We have the Legion World Series every year here and this year Kelly Pickler and Thompson Square are performing. The Hunger Games was actually filmed here which is actually quite hilarious because we were the 12th district. HAHAHA! #donthate #wehaveroughparts #welcometothejungle

The city park always has a Merry Go Round festival which has bands and vendors come out along with all the ball fields for the little kids. I've spent many many nights there watching my brother and friends play baseball. There's a drive in movie theater up the highway closer to my rival high school, Crest. There's just another rivalry in this town to keep us all alive with the four schools (Shelby, Crest, Burns,Kings Mountain). And when I say a little, I probably mean a lot. Sports are huge here from the time you are little. 

We have a university twenty minutes away (Gardner Webb University) and within one hour, you can reach so many different cities. That's probably one of the main reasons we picked Shelby officially is because there is Charlotte, Gastonia, Greenville, Black Mountains, Lake Lure, Lake James, Moss Lake, South Mountain, Morganton, Boone, and so many more within a short drive.

Speaking of lakes, we have Moss Lake! We also have Broad River Greenway where you can go fishing, running on the trails, or picnic with your family.  

There are so many more things and stores that I know that I'm missing but the point is that this is an incredible place to live and raise a family. It's a really small town (population approx 30,000) and everybody knows everybody. I really have nothing to hide so maybe that's why I love that. I love going everywhere and seeing people I know in every single shop. It may sound like I'm pumping up something that's really not that great, and there will probably be those people that say that there is "never anything to do" but they just must not be creative because I can find something to do every single night in this town! No, we don't have clubs. No, we don't have endless bars so if you're looking for night life, then maybe go somewhere else. 

However, if you want to live somewhere that the entire town will come together to support you or where you can raise a family or where you can always have clean, wholesome fun and activities then you would love it here. 

With love and the city of pleasant living,


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