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So, as of last week, Katiesfitscript became incorporated!! 

What does that even mean? Yea I hardly know. HAHA! 

No, I do know but anyone can do it. It doesn't mean that my business is something special, but it does make me feel more legit. ;) Up until this point, I have been a sole proprietor, and I have been told on multiple occasions that for tax purposes, and liability purposes, it would be a better idea to become incorporated. I finally did that, and I got a CPA to help with my taxes. 

I love when people try to act like their business is all super big saying they have to hire on people, and I'm like WE ALL KNOW YOU HIRED YOUR SISTER OR MOM! hahaha! No shame in my game, I asked my mom to help me. We have "office hours" every Tuesday. I don't have the capacity to actually hire someone, and with my mom it's nice because I can tell her if I can't afford her one week or that I don't need her and she just doesn't come. It's fun for us to brainstorm ideas, and she helps with new emails that come through. She should be here any minute, and I think that we are going to try to work on our Fit after Fifty program! 

I just wanted to tell about the future of where Katiesfitscript is going in my head at least. Right now, I am in high demand for reverse dieting and customized macro coaching. I am so so thankful for that, however I have realized that I can only handle so much. I have a waiting list, and so there are those that think that I should just hire someone else to help those people but I've gotten feedback that they are coming to me because they want ME as their coach not someone else or they would have gone to them if that makes sense. Many times, people come to you because they want a relationship with you, and I want to have a relationship with them. But, the bigger that I get, the more that I realize that unfortunately I can't have a relationship with everyone as much as I want but I still want to help them. 

That is why I created Relentless Resolutions to try and help those that may not want individual coaching and wanted a program that they could do themselves. However, I have found that the one missing piece from that is telling people exactly what to eat. I teach them how to count macros, and how to calculate their macros, and the workouts to do but sometimes people are like "okay that's cool but I don't care and I don't want to do that-what do I need to eat?" I stay away from cookie cutter plans because everyone is so different (metabolisms, height, weight, age, etc) but at the end of the day, that's sometimes what people want. That doesn't mean that the cookie cutter version has to be chicken and broccoli 6x per day because I'm gonna tell you right now, my programs will never say that. But, I'm going to have a 2.0 version of this program that will tell you how to count macros, calculations, but also will have meals planned out for you and options within that. 

I'm going to have a full video and pictures to go along with that, and hoping to get a site set up where you have a pass code that will get you access to the full video of exercises so that you don't have to be confused on what I mean. 

Like I mentioned with my mom, we are going to start a program for those that may be older, may not really have the capacity to do what younger folks can do and my mom is going to help coach you guys along on that as she has been through it step by step and lost almost 30 pounds now in a sustainable way that she knows she will keep that way for the rest of her life. It's just too easy with macros. 

I'm going to start seminars out of my home. There will be some that are going to be macro based, and then there are going to be some that are cooking based (and some that combine both). I'm going to start showing you guys how to actually make macro friendly foods in the kitchen so that when you get back home, it's not as hard. 

I'm hoping in the future to spend some time with someone in Medication Therapy Management and learn the ropes and begin implementing that into programs with those that would like this. I will manage their medications under my license as a pharmacist (only those that live in NC of course) and have that in conjunction with a health and fitness program. Tanner and I are going to have a home gym, and I hope to be able to have an all encompassing program run out of our home. 


I would, of course, like any one, love opportunities to work with bigger companies, but I just haven't had any interest yet. I would like to increase the monetization of my blog. I have A LOT of readers, and people talk about being full time bloggers which I am, but I make essentially zero dollars on my blog (other than my programs). I would love for those to see that my blog is somewhere that people go and that they can feel confident in having an ad on my page or paying for me to do a sponsored post for them. 

I want to get another ebook out of recipes. I have TONS AND TONS of ideas in my head, but it's just a matter of putting in the work, and the photography which is hard to really get all of this done with all of my existing clients. I have had to accept that there are going to be periods of time that I'm going to basically make no money because clients take work and time and I can't do everything. In order to grow, I have to back off from other things for a bit. 

I want to have many challenges from prepping for a wedding, after baby, triathlete programs, and so much in between. I REALLY REALLY want to make a challenge that is Christ focused, and has devotions that you do every day along with some at home workouts and whole, healthy eating. It just takes time to develop all of this. My mind is constantly going as there is someone who says "Hey do you have this?" and I do not. I would LOVE to ship out my protein waffle recipe in packages where you didn't have to buy all of the ingredients and I did all of that for you. It just has wet ingredients so it makes it a little more complicated. 

I hope to have my own children and adopt one day, and so I would love to have programs to show how to raise healthy children in a way that doesn't obsess over food. This is obviously something that I, myself, will have to learn.

One thing that I also feel led to do is to have something called Nourish where I host a dinner at my house, show others how to eat well so that they can love well. I feel this urge and calling in my life that there are so many women that are SO tied down by the bondage of food that they can't actually enjoy those around them. I want to talk out those things through the ultimate nourishment which I find in the Bible. It would be a Bible study focused on health. It sounds like a weird cult, and I do NOT mean in the way of "the bible says to only eat this" but just simply in the way of "let's eliminate this food fear and food anxiety piece" so that we can focus on our true God filled purpose in our lives. It has been on my heart a lot for months, and the only thing holding me back (just being honest) is the fear that people will think I'm weird. And I don't want people to think I'm weird. HAHA! I just simply want to show women it's so much more than the food that they eat or the way they look that determines who they are.

I never want it to be about the money though. You can ask anyone that I work with that I really try to let money be the last thing I'm worried about, and many times the girls will remind me that "Hey! My time is up with you!" because I'm going to continue to coach them basically until I feel that they are ready to fly away on their own! HAHA! This is my job, full time, but I really want it to be my purpose and my mission. I feel I am in a very unique position, and one that I'm so grateful for. I have a large following that I have built on social media, and I never want to take that for granted or not realize the impact. I'm not even close to huge like some people and I'm not saying that I am, but I do have thousands of people that read my words on a daily basis. 

I've had to check myself a few times. That's why I feel my morning devotion is so important. Is this about you, Katie? Is that about YOU becoming successful? No. I don't want that. I don't want to be self seeking like that, and I feel that maybe I've done that in the past, and I want everyone to know that my true vision is bigger than that. I just think human nature gets in the way sometimes. We all want to grow. We all have a vision that we want to share with the world, and I think that the internet is a really cool and HUGE space where all are welcome to share that vision. 

The fun of being an entrepreneur is that this can lead in any direction that I want it to go in. I determine what I want the reputation of my business to look like, and I love that. I hope it be a Christ focused one which is hard to find in this industry.

With love and Katiesfitscript Inc, 


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