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So, I'll start this off with a question and you guys can weigh in if you feel the urge! haha! 

I had SO many people ask me to do Youtube, and youtube is no joke. It's a lot of work especially to add to everything else. In relation to other things that I do, I had a lot of views in the beginning and now I have like hardly any! HA! I know it's hard to watch a 10 minute video (TOTALLY get that) so do you guys actually enjoy it? My blog doesn't even get near as many (like half) if I do a video versus an actual blog so just curious! :) 


I wanted to give a quick run down of how that went. It's somewhat depressing because it was such a whirlwind yesterday getting everything prepared as I had a bible study here Wednesday night and then Thursday night, I planned this so with the back to back, my training and my clients, I had NO time and thought "I literally took no pictures!" Tanner was like "AHHHH! What were we thinking?" haha! He doesn't do a thing on social media and it's cute how he totally gets it-his wife has to document her whole life so people stay interested! HAHAHA! DUH! 

So, I always had this thought in my mind that I could turn this into something fun and someone mentioned like a 31 party or Pampered Chef! How fun would that be to start up macro parties around my area and have others host them in their homes? If you read my blog, and would be interested, let's chat! I'm going to have more and more at my home coming up, and I'm going to be selling tickets for that.

This is a snapshot of the introduction to Myfitnesspal Lesson

This is a snapshot of the introduction to Myfitnesspal Lesson

I prepared "macro friendly" items across the board so that everyone could see the different things that you could eat while still living a healthy diet. I would plan a little differently on my next one (which is why this one was so crucial to not sell tickets because I wanted to practice first with closest friends and family) but overall the food choices were good. I wanted to have some things that I made that were special protein things: 

  • Pumpkin Brownies (these turned out weird so I was sad) 
  • Pumpkin Spice Protein Mini Muffins

But I also wanted to show that you could eat things that were just out of the bakery at walmart: 

  • Pumpkin Spice Cupcakes 
  • Pumpkin Cookies right out of the bag with real butter 

We (and when I say we-Momfitscript came over about 3 hours beforehand to help me cook), and we made Pizza Bites and Burger Bites. They were so simple in that we just cut low carb wraps into little circles (using the top of a green bean can), put those into a mini muffin pan, added lean beef to each one. For the pizza bites, we also added turkey pepperoni and a little pizza sauce with fat free mozzarella. For the burger bites, we added bacon and cheddar cheese. We baked those for like 15 minutes until the wraps turned crispy (broiled them for a second too).

I also had chips and dip. The dip was a spinach dip made with greek yogurt. And that was pretty much it. One of my friends brought her cranberry granola bars which were delicious and have 5g F 24g C 3g P which I think is fantastic for how big they were to be granola (as it's normally very carb heavy). 

I put out little cards that said what each thing was with the macros along with that. We got food, and then sat down for the little lesson! Haha! I had Tanner connect the HDMI to the TV and the computer with a powerpoint that I had made for my Koda seminar. From there, I just taught all about macros, how to read a label, how to calculate your calories, how to calculate your macros, what the science says about each of these things, why you don't need to listen to all the diet myths, and just how to live life easily in a healthy manner. I taught them the basics of myfitnesspal as well so they would know how to begin with using that app. One of my moms friends has lost 20 pounds on macros and does it BY HAND. WHAT THE WHAT? #truemacrocounter #iwouldnever LOL!!

At the end, I just let them ask any questions that they had and calculated and gave each one of them different numbers to try throughout the week and I made sure to program those into their goals in their phone through myfitnesspal. 

This is a screenshot of part of the presentation where I discuss how to read a label. In the future, I'm going to print these off for everyone to make notes.

This is a screenshot of part of the presentation where I discuss how to read a label. In the future, I'm going to print these off for everyone to make notes.

Honestly, more than anything, I love just opening up this to so many people and showing them what it's all about. My mom is my little cheerleader in the background as she's had so much success with it, and she was able to share about her experiences and Tanner did the same as the husbands of my moms best friends were there. I can't wait to continue them, and hopefully the word will spread. I'd love to get in the kitchen if we had time during one of them, and really show people how to make a few things that maybe are better hot, and that it's super simple to whip up easy, macro friendly, protein heavy meals! :) 

with love and spreading macro happiness, 


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