White Couch Review

So, I have had my couch for over a month now and while I know that's not years or anything, I have had some experiences with my couch that have led me to do a review of it. It's so funny how every time I tell someone I have white couch(es), they all say they same things: 

"Oh gosh, you are brave"

"But wait, you don't have kids." 

"You better not let someone with new jeans sit on that." 

"Can I sit down? I don't want to mess anything up." 

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HAHAHA! Let me start by saying that I have been telling people for years that I want all white everything and I have researched it and looked into it enough that I know my opinion on it. I didn't just run out and think "Oh a white couch sounds like a GRAND idea." I do however love white couches because I love change in a home. I cannot even fathom having the same decor for like 15 years or something crazy. I need new pillows and blankets and rugs to spice up my life.

So, let me tell you about my couch (I actually have the long couch and the loveseat couch) THAT I ADORE! It's the Ektorp Blekinge White Couch from Ikea. If you ever google white couches, this is what you are going to come across and there are a million and one bloggers out there just like me who defend this couch because it deserves it! It is a slip cover couch. There are many different colors that you can get from canvas to all white to off white to brown to grey. There is a slip that goes over the cushions and there is a slip that goes over the entire frame of the couch. If you have seen a slip cover couch, it is normally SO tacky and looks like it came from Goodwill, but not this one. The slip goes on TIGHT so it pulls it to where it looks like normal. 

When you get the slip cover, you want to steam them because they are in a bag so obviously they are wrinkled. Like I said, it pulls tight so you only have to worry about this on the edges that hang down. Have we steamed them yet? THATS A NO. HA! We will get to it eventually ;) but for now we have wrinkled ends.

The bigger couch was $399 and the smaller one was $299. The slip covers are $49 each, so for two couches, we paid $800. Yes, that is a lot (ALOT) of money but it's two couches and exactly what we wanted. We had to come to an agreement though and y'all will think this is funny. I wanted Emily Ley, Lilly Pulitzer white home. Tanner wanted pottery barn (which he describes as warm and inviting) home. I wanted like a glass coffee table and gold accents (HA), and Tanner was like NEGATIVE. I'm so glad we went with wood and white (with navy and brown accents), specifically because of where we live. I love hosting and I want people to feel comfortable not like they have to sit straight up sipping tea or something. 

Our opinion when we bought the couch was that $800 was a lot of money to spend, but we certainly weren't buying the Pottery Barn couch for 2 grand if we weren't sure about the white thing and if in a few years, our taste changes, then Ikea couches are the better bet and like I said-I love change and probably won't be using the same couch for 20 years regardless. However, it exceeded our expectations. 

We love the fact that it's a slip cover. It's not a question of "why would you ever buy this couch" but rather "why would we ever buy another different one?" Whether your couch is brown or mine is white, the dirt I see on mine is what is just infested in yours over years that you never clean. ;) It normally stays clean, except when people come over. We have hard wood floors and when people come over, they put their feet on your couch. I've never realized people do this, but people do this and I know now. HAHA! It's not a big deal. We normally pulls the cover off of whatever cushion and pop it in the washer. You don't have to wash the whole thing. Example: I spilt coffee on the arm of the couch the very first day (no lie). I was like WHAT IS LIFE RIGHT NOW? But I took it off, washed it, and it looked brand new. If they get real fierce and dirty, I'll just bleach them. If they get dingy from washing them too much (which I doubt because it's a really tough material), it's $49 for a new slip cover people!!! 

Many bloggers say that they wash their couch on a weekly basis. I will go ahead and say that's a funny joke. Not happening. It doesn't even need that. I lint roll it once per week, and it looks brand new. Many bloggers say that they scotch guard their couch and I actually plan on doing this eventually (probably when I get to steaming it haha).

No, I don't have kids but if I did it would still be fine. Jackson came over, he got his feet on it and it made a spot, and I washed it. NO BIG DEAL! I wash my clothes and I actually officially think it's gross that we don't wash our couches! HAHA! I do have dogs, although they are tiny, Zoey sometimes views couches as a place to go to the bathroom (not even kidding) and I absolutely love that I can now just wash and bleach that nastiness right off!

Last thing that I love is that if I do want to change the colors (like man, a grey love seat sounds so beautiful at some point) then all I have to do is pop into Ikea for like 50 bucks, and have an entirely new look to my living room! I'm also a pillow whore so that would come with new pillows too of course. ;) 

So, if you have ever wondered whether you should get a white couch YES YES YOU SHOULD!! But, only if you get the Ektorp Ikea couch (and I wish this was a review I got paid for but it sure isn't hahaha!)

With love and interior design, 


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