My opinion on Nicole Arbour-Fat Shaming

So, this is literally the hottest topic right now and it's fitness related so do I have to write a blog on it-DUH! haha! 

If you aren't familiar with what I'm talking about, I'll go ahead and give her even more views and link it up haha! 

There is SO much that is behind this video so buckle your seat beats. I know you think I'm going to talk about how I hate this video but I'm honestly not going to write about that. First off, she is clearly doing this for fame. Like 100%. She picked an EXTREMELY controversial topic, and everyone knows this will get views. She figured out the game, and she's playing it. It's PAINFULLY obvious. Unfortunately, our society has become fame hungry. This is why the guy in Virginia who shot the two newscaster video recorded himself to later upload this to social media. We, as people, want to be famous. It's like a natural instinct, and with social media we know the more ridiculous that we are, the better the chances... 

No exposure is bad exposure right? Miley Cyrus is a wonderful example of someone who epically is the most horrible person, but yet she is going to make millions off of her video that looks as if a man has literally gotten off on her face. How disgusting is that and that I even have to type it but thats literally our world right now. Kayne and Kim are naming their kid God Yeezus. The desire to want to be different in order to be famous is unreal. This is Nicole's thought process, so she painfully doesn't care. She made a follow up video basically saying she could care less about how offensive her video was. 

The problem is that I wouldn't put her in the category "I'm going into rehab" press but "eventually I'll be better and making millions" press. She's more in the category of Josh Duggar, Paula Dean press...the kind that it's not looking good. She has lost SO many followers, and if you look at the comments, I seriously can't find many good comments at all. So, whether she doesn't care or not, her viralness is not helping her. 

Then, there's the fact that she's a comedian. Guys, honestly, comedians make jokes. Have people ever listened to Kevin Hart or The Simpsons or Katt Williams or have you gone to any comedy clubs? They are HIGHLY OFFENSIVE. HIGHLY. Like every word they say is racist, sexual, or picking on someone in the audience. It's just that weight is a SUPER sensitive topic and the body love movement is STRONG right now. People commit suicide over bullying with body shaming, and shaming is never something that works. But, she wasn't trying to help....she was trying to make comedy. Many will say that she's not funny, but that's not the point. Comedians say offensive things and non political things, and have forever!! So, on the basis of just that, can we be THAT mad? 

DO NOT MISTAKE ME for defending her. Her video is rude, distasteful, and makes me cringe because she's so clearly only out for her own fame! She is helping NO one, and her video is making many many people hate her. Her language is TERRIBLE and it's painful to watch her defend herself (instead of apologizing) as even fellow youtube celebrities are saying that this is a train wreck and she's about to crash and burn. No companies are going to want to work with her (which is partly how she would make her money) and people aren't going to continue to follow her after this dies down (which is also how she makes money).

There are a few things that I have to agree with though. 

Why are we all so offended? Like honest to goodness, it's really bad. You can't say ANYTHING these days without offending someone. I'm so liberal (actually libertarian), but like I made a post about husbands and boyfriends in a group and people were like "WELL WHAT ABOUT GIRLFRIENDS?" Like really? Did we just go there?  I have ZERO problems with gay people. I love gay people. Hooray! Love wins. Always. But somehow I offended people by simply being heterosexual basically. 

Internet hate is a REAL problem. This is somewhat of a side note, but when someone goes viral for a bad reason, people get crazy. They have no education or true opinion on the matter, and they will write and I quote "You are a stupid f***ing cunt and I hope you die" Like, my mouth drops open! And you think you're better than Nicole? Now that's comedy. Internet bullying is out.of.control.

She is being a bully and she is fat shaming. There are many health related issues that cause weight gain (PCOS, thyroid, etc) or medications that you have to take for other disease states (antidepressants, steroids, antipsychotics, birth control, and even some antihistamines) and by looking at someone, you have NO idea their health condition. You have NO idea how they eat. You don't know if they have recently lost 100 pounds and if they go to the gym every day. You have absolutely no idea what they have been through, and this could be VERY traumatic events such as sexual abuse, physical abuse or if they are depressed and food is their outlet. There are many eating disorders, and I was affected so I know the pain of not being able to stop something you want to stop. They could be poor and literally the only food they can afford is processed. I know many many larger people who eat organic, non GMO, vegan and try SO hard and continue to be overweight. And she knows this too, but she does a terrible job of portraying it because she thinks she's just making a cute little video that isn't going to ruin her career. 

However, where do we draw the line? At one point do we have to address the obesity issue? Bullying does not help and that is proven by many clinical trials, but I honestly don't think she's trying to bully. I think she's just "trying" to be a comedian (although many including me don't find it funny). But enabling doesn't help either. We do need a wake up call. I feel that many times people say it's genetics while they drive through Mcdonalds drive through. Each individual person knows whether they are "one of those people" and I do believe that there is a huge crutch that people are using in the whole body image movement and not taking ownership of their lives and health. But also, is that our place if thats your choice? I don't think so. If you wanna eat that way and you know the health consequences then so be it. It's the same with smoking. You know it's bad, but some continue to do it. If they get lung cancer, well then they will know why. Food is the same way, but because there are many other reasons why someone can be over weight, and because image is such a huge issue, we just "accept ourselves" as is, and continue eating horrible.

I think the first step is education. I think that hardly anyone knows about the actual way to live a healthy lifestyle. Our entire culture portrays life as dieting or Mcdonalds drive through with no in between. I wish nutrition was something that was taught better, so that people could see they could live life in a very enjoyable manner while still being healthy (and I'm so thankful to have found that so young). I wish that it was easier economically but that is just not the case right now. I wish healthy options were more convenient, and could be found at more restaurants, but that's just not the case. 

Lastly, to go back to Nicole's video, I really think she has dug herself a nice big hole of hate that I don't think she's going to come out of. I think she was distasteful and again instead of apologizing, she dug the whole deeper and offended more people. She "doesn't care" but if she wanted to be famous on the internet and make it her job, then she probably should start caring.

With love and controversy, 


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