Clients of the New Year

There is always a trend every year at this time. There's always an opinion of those in the fitness industry. Everyone acts like fitness people are mean to the newcomers, when I think that's a myth. Most all fitness people want other people to be into fitness. We actually love it because most of the time everyone thinks we are weird. There are jokes made about the gyms being full. Theres statuses about accepting everyone no matter their level, which I agree with fully. Point is: this time of year is CRAY CRAY! It makes sense. There is something so refreshing and restoring about starting off on a new leaf. Humans are such creatures of hope. We thrive on hope, and hope of being someone better in the new year. There is nothing wrong with that, and I love it. 

For me, I had this trip planned with friends to Nashville for New Years not realizing how closely this would fall right after I took a trip to Bristol to see Tanner's family for Christmas. The time line all makes sense now, but when I got home I worked 15 hour days as a fitness coach because obviously this is the busiest time of year. So, 45 hours in 3 days which is fine. If there is anyone that can just plow through work, it's me. However, I am overwhelmed with new emails right now. I'm blessed. I'm BEYOND thankful at the number of people that want to work with me, but I just ask for your patience is all. I know that I have so many sweet sweet people that email me and I want to take time out for each one of you as well as the people that I'm currently working with. I know that all of you want to have started yesterday but if you have contacted me in the last few days, then I'm just trying to keep my head above water and I promise that I will get to you at the very beginning of the week. 

I'm not trying to always take vacations and sometimes as a small business owner that means working more than 40 hours per week and lots of weekends. Tanner and I are actually not going to go on our big vacation this year because we have just been going TOO much, and as flexible as my job is, I feel bad. I work my butt off but at the same time, I can't expect people to just work around my trips here and there. It's unfair, and I just wanted to apologize for that. However, I also cannot be rude to the people that I am with and that I love. We are here together on a trip and I want to value our time together, so I appreciate more than you know just waiting a few extra days to kick off your resolutions if you are wanting to work with me. 

Again, I cannot tell you how much it means to me to be busy. Like, that is NOT A PROBLEM! I'm so so thankful to each one of you. 2016 is going to be such a year of growth for me and I don't mean numbers but just organization of all of this. I'm hoping to get everyone on a platform website so that it streamlines things better. I'm always striving and KNOW that I can always be better. I know I'm far from perfect at this coaching thing, and sometimes have to learn some hard lessons as I go. I hope to really be able to reach people on a deeper level as well as an athletic level. So, there are AWESOME things in the works, so THANK YOU!

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