Race Schedule 2016

Per the usual, you guys were fantastic sports about the plant based topic. I'm always so scared to introduce anything new. Just keeping it real that I get REALLY nervous sometimes to post things as not to offend anyone (whether that be on instagram or my blog) especially as I grow. That's very easy to do these days, so I always hope I come across in a way to not do that.

I wanted to give you the official race schedule for 2016 as I have finalized it for the most part. Tentative means that it's very much not planned but if it works out then I'll do it)

March 5 (tentative)-Myrtle Beach half marathon

April 18-Boston Marathon 

May 7-Over the Mountain Olympic Tri

May 21-Gamelands 50K Ultra

August-Lake Logan Half Ironman

September 25-Boulder Marathon (tentative but just planning out details because I really want to make this happen-one of my good friends from NYC is running it and they are planning on moving to Boulder so I want to go visit her new home and run this with her; this would not be a PR race but just a fun one)

October 22-Full Ironman 

Nov/Dec-hoping for another marathon or 50K but nothing for sure yet

Jan 2017-I'd love to do this Disney challenge of doing a 5K, 10K, half marathon then full marathon back to back for 4 days! 

June 2017-Norway for 50 mile ultra (like 100% planning on this with Tanner who has agreed to do it with me)

I want 2017 to be the year of ultra running and hopefully many marathons. Once I get a 50 miler, and a 100 miler under my belt, I will officially have completed the endurance bucket list and begin having babies. HAHA! I'm totally kidding... #kinda But really, sometimes I know that PR's are awesome and so structure and programming and resting is awesome but sometimes I just want to run a marathon every month sprinkled with 50K's and feel super tough and not worry about time. I have never cared about times until social media, and it's hard to NOT care about time when everyone talks about times. I used to not even know what a good time was and just loved to run (even at the finish of my first marathon I didn't know what qualified as good/great/elite/slow). I want to have that love back...just love of running slow or fast and do as many races as possible. To be honest, I found out that I was semi speedy and then I was like "Eh, guess I better pay attention to times now" LOL! 

{{But I'm also chasing a sub 3 marathon too so I need to make up my mind}}

But 2016-that's the year of TRI! And I couldn't be more excited about it! The tri world is full of really passionate people...and really rich people. I get frustrated at people telling me all the gear I need...legit very frustrated. I KNOW... I GET IT. But, I also don't care. I just like to race. I like to move my body through the ocean, through the motion of the pedals and as my feet hit the ground. THATS what I care about...not the power meter and the fancy aero bars and aero helmets. All of that stuff is fantastic, but I just feel so spoiled...so 1st world. 

Maybe I'll do a blog on how guilty I feel as a "rich" person because if you are reading this blog, you are rich in the context of the entire world. My mom says I have the bleeding heart syndrome, where I care too much about the problems of the world that I can't fix. It's gotten worse lately. SOMEBODY SNAP ME OUT OF IT. But point being, please don't tell me I "have to have" a power meter. I'd rather give my money to hungry babies. K bye. 

I'm rambling now. Blogs are better when writers don't ramble. BACK TO THE POINT! ;) 

There's something that happens to my soul in the motion of it. And it doesn't happen during 3 mile runs, or 1 mile swims. It's further than that. I'm not kidding. It's crazy. Today, I was like "uh whatever I have to swim" and right around 1500m, I started sinking into it. The mind switches into euphoric mode...it's seriously like a drug and I can't get enough. I just wanna go further. HAHA! Okay, I've jumped off the endurance bridge now. Somebody bring me back ;) 

What is your schedule this year?! I wanna know what everyone is doing?

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