How to Love the Body You're In

Sometimes I feel silly even gracing the surface of these topics, but I also feel that they are so very vital to the success of women in long term health. I go through phases and right now I'm just in a thankful phase of the place that I'm at. I can't tell you how many times I've heard that the reason that I can love my body is because my body is perfect therefore I can't speak on this topic. That always makes me a little upset, but I thought I'd go ahead and put that out there so that we can just clear the elephant in the room. 

There is nothing obsessive or selfish about working towards bettering yourself as society has us believe. You don't have to have a fear of food to choose a healthier option at a restaurant, but you also don't have to be gluttonous just because you choose the pizza or burger at a restaurant. If I go to dinner with someone, there's almost always a joke that's thrown out unless that person orders a salad. Like "Oh don't look Katie!" or "I'll start my diet Monday" or some other nonsense. I want to tell those people to follow my pages and social media a little more closely to see that that's not what I'm about AT ALL. 

My entire mission is to help women find peace and freedom in food while still getting results. THATS the goal. Studies have shown that women that think about food the most often, are often overweight. "Studies have shown" is such a silly thing to throw out because like where is that data or where did I find that, but made you believe me right? ;) Haha! Well, I read it somewhere, so I'm gonna roll with it HAHA! My point of telling you this is that you have to train your mind to STOP thinking about it. If you are someone who has begun macro counting or any lifestyle that is a healthy approach to weight loss, I recommend never having a "weight lost per week" goal. This is different for each person I know and we need motivation to get to our goal, but you need to train yourself to EAT and stop thinking. 

It has been ENGRAINED in our brains to think about every little thing that we put in our mouths. If we are choosing the healthier option, we feel as if everyone thinks we are the lame one at the party or that we are obsessive or we just hate healthy foods and want fries. If you order the salad, FORGET THE FRIES. If you order the fries, FORGET THE SALAD. Whatever food you choose is what you want in that moment, let go of the foods that you could have that are either tastier (if you got the salad) or better for you (if you got the fries). Let down those guard rails of the rules that you have on food. If you've never heard me talk about clearing things from my mind before, it's an approach I use quite often. It helps me to get through many things with a positive attitude. TRAIN YO BRAIN. Think about your to do list. I don't care. Start writing a to do list, but you have to clear your mind of all these food thoughts. It's such a waste of brain time. 

Second, the comparison game. STOP IT. This is something that I myself had to be strict on! The girls that I was friends on social media-many of them got fake boobs. There is nothing wrong with fake boobs but I started to look at their physiques in envy. I would never have that. I look at women with curves, with my athletic figure and think "Man how beautiful is she!?" I like to talk about loving my body most always but I want you to know first and foremost that just because you see my body as something that I shouldn't worry about-no matter what body you're in-until you learn to love it-you are going to want to change it. The goals always change. Your body will NEVER be good enough until you stop thinking, and stop comparing. I can promise you that. 

If you must, stop looking at yourself in the mirror period. I think as women we tend to take progress pictures in today's world, and we look at those photos and nit pick every little area. There's a difference in working towards goals that you have, and critiquing your body. I know the struggle of this because of the women that I work with and it breaks my heart when I look at their bodies and can't even come close to seeing what they see. That doesn't mean that it's not something that they struggle with and want to change, but I think that if this is something that rules your life, you need to take a step away from the mirror. 

I know back in my disordered days, I used to check my stomach like multiple times per day. HA! It's so funny thinking about that. Did I think something was going to change each time? It makes no sense. And my mood in that moment would be determined by how my stomach looked. WHAT THE CRAP KATIE? 

Obviously, getting off the scale if you are struggling to love your body as is. This has NO utility in the goal of body peace...none whatsoever. Every single time you get on that scale, your mood no matter how at peace you are, is going to be determined by that number even if it's just a tiny bit. If you're at a weight that you're happy with and you hit that weight on the scale, you go about your day with a sense of accomplishment. It's so stupid but we all do it. So, just stop. I literally never weigh myself. About a month ago, I was trying out some different things in nutrition and so I wanted to see how my weight trended, so I started getting on it. My husband said "I see the scale keeps moving which means you're getting on it, and I know that road never ends in a good place no matter how level headed you are, so you need to stop." WELL THANK YOU THERE MR CONVICTION! hahaha! I stopped that day. He's right. So, what if I changed up my nutrition and my weight started going up 5 or 10 pounds...would I have been okay with that? I like to think so but I think we all know the answer. Just get off of it. Take care of your body, have goals, but just live your day and the results will come. 

Again, I think that we all go in these waves of extremes. We are either losing weight or gaining weight, but what if we could just be where we are, love life, love each moment with whatever food we choose, and just let it be. Think about the calm and the peace that washes over you just thinking about that. It's a beautiful place to be, I promise. If I sat back and thought about my body, I have lost some definition in my shoulders and I'd love to have a really muscular booty. But, I never think about that unless I'm writing a blog about it. I'm sure that the deadlifts and squats that I did yesterday helped me towards that goal, but my workouts are not about that. I don't think of each workout as a means to an end. It's just my day. It's just what I do, and then the taking care of yourself falls into place. 

Obviously if you hate working out, then honestly, don't work out that much. I'm not telling you to "make this a lifestyle change." While I want that for everyone and while I want everyone to be healthy, I think the healthiest place that you can be is a place of mental peace and if that means just being where you are now, and never working out but you aren't constantly stressing about the workout you SHOULD have done, then that's what I want for you. 

Lastly, thankfulness and gratitude is how you should start thinking about your body. Think about someone that can't do what you can do, they can't move the way you can move, they might not be able to run or go to the gym at all. Start focusing on what you CAN do, not what you can't do. Start pushing your body in new ways and be grateful for each time that you are able to do it. If you really think about it, it's somewhat selfish to be so concerned with what we can't do when someone else can do so much less. Be thankful for the place that you live and that you are able to have food on the table every day because so many are not. Focus on how pushing yourself makes you feel proud of yourself and not a to do list item in order to help you get in this body that you want. 

Happy. Peace. Serenity. If I could bottle it up, I'd share. It's a beautiful place. 

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