My Newest Obsession - Podcasts

Okay, I knew I loved Nancy Drew but it's like I have discovered it all over again and I'm just in heaven. And by Nancy Drew, I just mean mysteries! 

This isn't fitness related. I'm over fitness today. HAHA! I've done client check ins and you know when you say a word too many times and it starts to sound really odd to you. That's the way the word "Macro" feels to me right now. Macro-macro- say that a bunch of times. It's weird. Kinda like Toilet. or Refridgerator. How did we come up with these words? I digress. 

Also, I know it's Monday and all but I'm kinda over macros in my own life on this very day. I really just want a couple of glasses of my favorite drink so that shall be happening tonight. Real talk up on the blog today hahah! ANYWHO, I love mysteries! That was my point of this! 

I love mysteries and I love to read. I don't really have time to read, which is sad. Or maybe I just don't make time. I should make time to do that!!! But either way, PODCASTS!  Y'all, I didn't even know these existed. I mean I knew but I didn't realize how awesome they were, and that I really enjoy them. I listen all the time now. I love to expand my knowledge base on just about anything so I do love mysteries, but I also just love learning. Podcasts allow me to do this all of the time. I'm such a nerd at heart. 

I can listen in the car and as much as I love radio, I'm loving podcasts right now. 

The nancy drew reference is because of the podcast, Serial. If you don't know about, download it. NOW. It's so good. I have finished both seasons in 2 days (#embarrassing) but while I'm cleaning house, doing laundry, washing dishes, etc etc, I listen. Every second I can, I listen. It's so addicting. I want to know what happens during these trials. I just wish there were more of this podcast. I have listened to the no meat athlete podcast, and I can't wait to find more that I love! 

I also watched all 10 episodes of "How to Make a Murderer"! That's not a podcast, but that's a mystery and a murder trial and so I'm addicted of course. I have never in my entire life stayed up until 1:30am watching something. I always fall asleep but I did with this. I thought he was innocent but everyone from that town said they were so biased on the show that it makes you think that but that he's really guilty. I DONT KNOW YALL. 

So, what's your verdict if you've seen it? I asked this on my instagram too so maybe you have already given your vote. I heard 500,000 people have called into their sheriffs department. WHAT? 

Okay, I'm done for today, and this wasn't an exciting blog but I have two things I need from you. 

1. What are your favorite podcasts? If they are mysteries, you get a bonus (y'all know I loved scandal too so anything along those lines for audio books and such or books in general-I love to read)

2. What is your opinion on Steven Avery from How to make a Murderer? 

3. Do you think that the guy on Serial is innocent too? I sure do!!!! Like 100% and find it sad he's just sitting in jail! UH! 

what an exciting fitness blog post right! Off to run 7.5 interval miles on the treadmill for speed work. SOS!

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