The end to the Daniel Fast

So at the beginning of the year, I started on a journey to eat 100% plant based. I did a lot of research and became addicted to continuing that research on the benefits of living a life of plants. The reasons for going plant based were many-fold, but I did a youtube video that you can find HERE on some of those reasons. There is not one person (most likely) that is plant based without a reason. You can eat meat without people thinking that's odd but plant based is CRAY CRAY talk and you need to be able to explain yourself. So, to recap, here are the bullet point reasons of why I wanted to try this: 

  • World Hunger

If everyone in the world only ate plants, then we would have enough grain to feed the entire world. There are 795 million people that are starving and many are due to lack of resources because we are taking the grain, and feeding it to cows (who consume 27 pounds of grain PER cow PER day). Can you imagine how many people 27 pounds of grain would feed? In my discussions with other people who like to play devils advocate, they mention that many times people are starving due to their governments so even if the food was available, they still would starve. Well, okay, if you want to play that game then I guess we can. HA! 

I have become very fascinated with World Hunger actually, and I think that we are all very blind to it. I think that we have the notion of "well what difference could I REALLY make?" and the answer is: You could make a difference to ONE child and that's enough. 

  • Health 

There is WIDE spread evidence of this, and I really am not here to convince anyone, but just to share what I've learned and THIS VIDEO sums it up in a tight little bow. I promise it's worth watching.

  • Animals 

So we all know that animals are treated cruel in the industry. I'm not an animal activist. I hardly would say that I "love animals" and I don't say that to make you hate me, but just to say that even with my "Eh whatever" attitude towards animals, if you learn how they are actually treated, I think you would be horrified. I think it all boils down for me to the fact that I'm supporting people who could actually do those things-whether it be to animals or not. Like, the things they do.... yikes. It's bad y'all. 

  • Environment 

You MUST watch Conspiracy on Netflix. it's free. I am not an environmentalist. I've always just thought "Eh whatever" just like with animals, but you have to watch this. It's very eye opening to the industry and the greed and corruptness of it. THATS what I don't like. 

Before you get all upset at me for these comments, I am in no way putting down people in this industry. There are bad people in EVERY industry and there are really really good people. So, please don't mistake me for saying that. I was just explaining what made me want to challenge myself in this. I saw some things that I couldn't unsee and learned some things that I couldn't unlearn. On the days where I was thinking I would try this, I had a friend email me and ask me to join her in a Daniel Fast, and I was like "This is perfect. I can try this out for 21 days"

So, I did. I'm not going to sit here and lie to you that I was perfect, but I didn't have any meat whatsoever. The other stuff is the problem-dairy, whey in products, cheese (although I get veggie cheese and it's not that serious), sour cream, yogurt, ice cream...THAT is the stuff that's hard. Not buying meat is not hard. I just don't do it. Haha! One of the hardest changes was eggs. In the past week, I added 3 egg whites into my day. In all honesty, I was feeling very restricted which I haven't felt in like 3 years since I overcame some awful eating habits, and so that scared me...a lot. I thought that if 3 egg whites per day made me feel better, then I wasn't jumping ship-I was just doing what worked best for me. 

My family was nice about it, but I wouldn't say they are okay with it. Our family everything revolves around food, and the food always contains meat, and if it doesn't contain meat, it DEFINITELY contains meat products but I worked around it. 

So, here's where I'm at: 

Our family will not be eating meat because that's easy for us but if I go to someone's house and they have prepared something with meat in it and I can't work around it, I'm going to eat it. This actually comes back to my faith. When Paul is teaching, and he goes into a home with vegetarians, he eats vegetarian. When he goes into a home with people who aren't vegetarian, he doesn't eat vegetarian. I believe that everything that I do should bring light to the love and joy that Christ brings to me so therefore I'm not going to get in an argument or discussion over meat, I'm going to eat the meat. Paul wanted nothing that he did to ever pull people away from the REAL importance which is shining Christ's light. It's really not that serious. 

I think that's my point too. ITS REALLY NOT THAT SERIOUS. That's what I want to tell my family too. I'm not doing drugs. I'm not jumping off a bridge here. I'm just simply choosing when I can, to not eat animal products. But, I'm not going to be crazy about it. 

I guess I'm here to say that I will do what I can, when I can. I will choose plant based for myself on every occasion in my home. When I go out to eat, I will look to see if that's an option. If not, that's okay too. I'm not going to leave or something bizarre HAHA! I'm not going to talk about it to people (other than my blog) because it's a very sensitive topic and I really don't care to even try to pretend like I know everything because I don't. I just saw some captivating research. That's all :)

Plant based is really amazing to be honest. You open your eyes to so many new plants out there that you've never tried before. You open yourself up to so many new fresh recipes that are so yummy, and I can't wait to expand my bank. I have a sweet friend who is sending me some cook books, and I'm excited to try those things as well. Another friend told me that doing what I can is better than doing nothing at all. Just because I really want eggs doesn't mean that I should eat beef every day too. haha! 

Lastly, the fasting portion of this which is what the title is. This month taught me about sacrifice and getting uncomfortable. That's what I like to do. I think that it really challenges us to look outside of our own little bubbles. It challenges me to take things in prayer and say "okay God, I really stinkin want to lather this in cheese right now" but I've made this commitment for this month. I did have eggs-whomp I suck-but I did pray about it and felt that in that moment, the restriction that I felt, it was more important for me to have them so that I could get over this weird waffle craving! (duh, why else would I have needed 3 egg whites teehee) I think that I'm going to have some other fasting experiences just because it just draws me closer. Lent is around the corner so I'll have to figure out what I want to do this year. It's always fun (kinda lol).

So, with that, I'm exhausted from discussing this. HAHA! It has snowed here so time to go PLAY!!! I'll talk more on this later, but can we all just agree to be chill about it? ;) 

Zucchini oats is actually something that I had never tried before, and I liked it haha! It's not as disgusting as it looks ;) 

Zucchini oats is actually something that I had never tried before, and I liked it haha! It's not as disgusting as it looks ;) 

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