So, I always say this but I truly mean it that the girls that I work with are such a joy. There are some people that I start coaching that I think "Wow, I really look up to this person" and Meg is one of those people. She's such an example of Christ shining every single day. She is always joyful at her check ins no matter if she lost tons that week or not, and so I'm excited to share her story with you today. I also can't wait to see her in a few weeks at our team retreat AGAIN (she came to one of my seminars in Shelby as she lives in Charlotte)!!! YAY!


I found Katie through another IIFIYM lady I followed on Instagram right before I got pregnant with my daughter, which was about the time I decided I needed a HUGE change in my life and was looking for a new lifestyle/way to loose weight and keep it off. I have suffered with yoyo weight and hormonal problems due to endometriosis since I was 16 years old. I was always a more "muscular" or "bigger boned" ( I really hate these labels by the way) girl growing up and after moving from Cali to NC I found my weight, energy levels, overall daily life was at its worst. 

I started reading every post on Katies blog along with following all of her accounts because I wanted to learn more and really hit the ground running when I could loose weight after having my daughter. I found it to be very intriguing and the data and information she had posted regarding IIFYM was unreal compared to any other resources I could find. Completely blew my mind. Then of course as many of you also experience, I fell in love with her as a person and coach. She is truly the sweetest most genuine person on IG with a banging body I've found! So I made up my mind I'd start one of her programs after having my daughter.  

After 6 months of a restricted diet due to some allergies my daughter had, I finally was in the clear to start a diet and get back on track. I like many others started with a fad diet 30 day challenge because I really wanted to drop weight fast, even though I knew better. I did well the during the 30 days but couldn't keep up the clean eating and low calorie while working out so I bit the bullet and bought Katies Relentless resolutions and asked to get on her waiting list for personalized coaching. I spent two months learning how to lift again, learning how to use MFP and count macros and I felt better than I could ever remember feeling in my life, other than the soreness, ouch her workouts are killer and the soreness at first was unreal.  I finally saw consistent progress and got to eat my ice-cream treat every night without feeling guilty. I couldn't believe it! I was seeing results that were consistent with no need to feel I was restricting my diet and I was eating almost 1700 cal win win! 

After the two months I was stoked I could start my weekly coaching with Katie and had lost 12 lbs and countless inches. I started her lifting and running plan and made my new goals. I wanted to run a half marathon and marathon the next year. I could barely run 2 miles straight when I started but watching her grow in her own running journey and just showing up day in and out to the gym and to run I knew I'd get there. After 12 weeks of coaching I lost another 15 + pounds and went from barely running 2 miles straight to running 10k's and enjoying the runners high! I'm now half way through my 2nd 12 week cutting program and excited to share I'm about 10.5 pounds from my goal. As I get to the last few pounds the journey gets harder as my intake has gone down and my exercising has gone up, but every week I get an encouraging email from Katie helping me push through it and teaching me how to fuel my body to meet my goals. 

I'm actually really excited about finishing strong and starting my reverse/ journey to my first marathon as well. I feel like a brand new person, fitting into clothes I haven't worn in over 5 years, including feeling comfortable in a bikini, something I never thought I would be able to sport again! My relationship with Katie has not only transformed my self image, body, mind, and spirit it has helped improve so many other areas of my life as I've learned how to fuel my body based on what my goals are instead of eating and regretting what I put into my body and feeling crappy because it wasn't the appropriate nutrients to sustain my body. I LOVE IIFYM and Katie and her programs even more! I have countless friends and family members who are now working with her after seeing my consistent transformation and it makes me want to tell the world about her! 

More than the weight loss I've finally found peace with food.  Something she emailed me before my 2nd program was her goal for all of her clients. It changed the way I looked at food, my body, and my goals. It's not the enemy, I don't need to restrict it to get the body I want and binge when I want a night out. My body actually sustains "cheat meals" (if you want to call them that, I really just fit into my day even on low calories and macros what I want that day and work back wards) very well. I don't gain 2 lbs after having a great night out or feel I need to obsess over what I ate or restrict it, I simply enjoy my life now and am mindful of my choices and how it affects my body. The process was hard at first learning how to track and weigh food, and working out harder than I have in my LIFE…..but now 6 months in looking back I know that the process works and if you just let go and trust it, the possibilities are endless. 

Thank you for being more than a client but a friend to me too Meg!!! 

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