Nashville for New Years

Well this weekend was fun...and stressful for me. As I mentioned, I realized that in the future going out of town when you are a fitness coach is not the best decision. #lessonlearned lol! 

We left out on Thursday afternoon for a road trip. We are 5.5 hours from Nashville but had to pick up a car an hour in the opposite direction so really it was 7.5 hours in the car. I won't give you a play by play of the weekend. However, I'll tell you Thursday night (New Years) was a BLAST. We ended up going to a party at my friend Jena's parents hotel. They had come to Nasvhile for Christmas and let us stay with them that night and so we went to the party at the Gaylord Opryland hotel (as I'm sure those from the area know about this hotel). I'm always hesitant to pay for a party but it was well worth it. We had a BLAST! 


We stayed the next two nights as we always do-AIR BNB! We got to meet and hang out with our host (Stevie) and she an absolute joy. It's so cool to form these friendships and then know if you go back, you could stay with these people and know what the place is like. I'm such a huge fan of air bnb and have many friends in cities because of it. 

It was tough because it was New Years so no where was open on Friday, and the only places to eat that were had hours of waiting. So wait we did. Basically half of our weekend was waiting on tables but that's okay because I got to hang out with my bests and just talk and catch up.

We went to the Honky Tonk on Friday night and that was SO Fun. Can someone please create that somewhere other than Nashville? Really good country singers that sing 90's country? COUNT.ME.IN! We turned in the night early and just went back and hung out with our host. I went to bed a little earlier than everyone knowing I was getting up at 515am to go on my long run. That was ROUGH.

When I got up, I couldn't believe I was leaving to do it. I will admit that this is one of those times that I questioned what I was doing and why. Why in the world was I leaving this warm house this early getting lost (yes that happened) and freezing to run? My phone died even though it had full charge because of the drastic temperature changes, and I was kind of freaking out. I eventually found my way through her neighborhood. I decided to go the opposite direction for the rest because it was a straight shot, but I just remember thinking that every mile was tough. But, nevertheless, I got it done and I was so happy about that. 

I just wanted to say that it's NOT always roses on my end. However, it's so funny because after I was done, I was in love with running again and when I got home today I was thinking how excited I was for routine and training so tough the next few weeks. I just want to do nothing but train. 

Saturday we visited a lot of local shops and we went to the distillery. I had 110 proof whiskey for the first AND LAST time. It was a tasting and I probably had 2 milliliters before I decided it was the most awful thing to ever taste...period. I started coughing like an over dramatic chick. HA! However, I can now say I've had Tennessee whiskey. YUCK. The stories behind the distillery were cool though. 

Saturday night, we went to dinner and played our own trivia. Legit sat at a table, googled "Pop culture trivia" and had teams of boys and girls. My team might as well have not had me on it. I SUCK at trivia. There was no questions about marathons or nutrition dang it ;) hehe! We then had ice cream and turned it in. #TURNT

Forreal though, I have the best group of friends. I talk about it a lot but we are all blessed. We all tell each other we love each other. I could ask any of them to do anything for me. It's super cool, and after leaving NYC we kind of travel to different places to spend time with one another and that's even more fun because I think we have gotten even closer since we left! haha! Nevertheless, I miss them and love them and all of the others that couldn't make it this trip! Sometimes I wonder what I did to deserve such wonderful people in my life in all places that I live because I feel the same way about our friends here. LOL.

And of course, here's a Vlog of the weekend! I feel as if this makes me look like a super party girl, and that's like the opposite. LOL! I just never want to give off the wrong impression ;)

Today, I start the Daniel fast that I talked about last week! I think this 21 day intro into plant based eating will be really great for me to get more used to it. I have been doing it though basically 90% of the time anyway but this is just going to be a definite for this time being. I have found that it's quite funny how easy it is. So I want to stop eating meat? Sooooo, I stopped buying meat and stopped putting it in my mouth. WHAT A REVELATION ;) hahah! I would recommend if this is something that you have ever considered, this youtube is really great! Again, forreal guys, this is just something that I'm trying out so please no one get upset. I'm just sharing my journey as I go along as always! 

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