Doing Things Well or Not at All

I think that I've explained this before in another blog that I titled "Confession: I'm actually lazy" to which everyone was like NO YOU ARE NOT! haha! But I don't mean lazy in the traditional sense, but rather that I'll do things to realize that I could have saved myself so much time and energy (and heartache) if I would have just went the longer route to begin with. 

I think that we all go through seasons like this, but genuinely being able to look at our lives and what we are doing and saying "Okay is this the best that I can do?" I think the answer is almost always no, but that doesn't mean that we should let it overwhelm us, but rather excite us for what's to come in the future. 

I have this tendency to not be a perfectionist. I just want to get things done. That's why having a coach is good for me, because if it were just me, I just don't think about how to program my training. I just run to "get it done" and check that off my never ending check list. My husband is the opposite, and it drives me crazy. He does a perfect job on everything that he does, and it takes forever. However, I'm learning how VALUABLE that is, and how much he has taught me. He's not scatter brained. He just does his tasks, and he does them well, and then he moves onto the next. He doesn't let his current task stress him out about his next move. He is NOT lazy. He is constantly doing work (because when is there ever time to sit right haha), but he just does things well. 

All growing up, and I've shared this many times, my grandfather that has passed said that if you were not going to try your hardest and do your best at things, then to not do them at all. That's how I've always approached life, but then when I step back and look at things, I have to ask myself am I really doing that? I get a lot done, but am I really focusing on how I can do it best, and not just how I can get it done. 

This weekend we have free (and maybe you don't) but I'm committed to each thing that I'm doing-thinking about how to just step back, take a breather, enjoy it, do it well, and move onto the next task. With that, I'm off to clean my house and do the dishes! haha! 

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