Why is nutrition not taught in pharmacy school?

This is not something that is ever meant to offend anyone nor is it a stab at any doctor whatsoever. This is not a stab at pharmacy school either, but the sad fact is, nutrition is not taught and it’s a SHAME. It’s actually negligent and it needs to change. There will most likely be physicians that read this as I know that I have medical professionals that follow me, and I bet they are fantastic. I bet they teach their clients proper nutrition, and I applaud them…for learning that on their own because the amount of time spent on it is next to none when it could change the world.

The amount of need for nutrition in medicine is unprecedented and it’s not even talked about…at all. The research is there…LOADS of it. Why in our lectures about diabetes did they just tell us to recommend a healthy diet? We don’t even know what that means if someone is not interested in health and fitness? And by society standards that normally just means to eliminate carbs.

I went on rotation and had a patient with diabetes tell me that her doctor had told her to just start eating more fruits and veggies and she had diabetes? WHAT? This just leaves the patient completely confused, and feeling as if this is just something they cannot donot to mention that’s certainly not going to control her blood sugar.

If they have high blood pressure, they are told to stop eating salt. While yes, that is a good recommendation, that leaves the patient thinking that they should avoid all salt and have a miserable diet when if they could just lose some weight in a sustainable fashion, their high blood pressure would go away and they wouldn’t have to do all the salt restrictions. 

Hashimotos or PCOS-they are told to just stop carbs altogether! Don’t have moderate carb intake, but just eliminate them! No! That makes no sense. It’s completely unreasonable.

Heart disease-sorry! We can treat it but it won’t get better even though there is BLACK AND WHITE evidence that with a proper diet, it can be reversed.

Alzheimers-SORRY! It’s just as we age we get plagues and tangles in our brain….THAT ARE CAUSED BY ATHEROSCLEROSIS from eating bad.

High Cholesterol-Just stop eating carbs! That’s the answer for everything right?

Oh, and celiacs-Don’t eat carbs! Because gluten = carbs right? NO. No it doesn’t at all.

Digestive problems-“Eat more fiber” WHAT DOES THAT EVEN MEAN? I sure as heck know that that advice never did a thing for me and my IBS-C.

TONS of research relates back pain back to dehydration-I’m going to doubt your doctor tells you to drink more water when you have back pain.

Asthma, depression, anxiety, COPD, lung disease, Kidney disease-ALL AFFECTED BY DIET! WHY IS THIS NOT TAUGHT?!!! My mind is going nuts!

If they do tell you diet advice, it’s not going to be actual advice that is sustainable. My father in law was told by his doctor that “if it tastes like cardboard, that’s what you should be eating. If it tastes good, stay away from it.” HAVE YOU LOST YOUR MIND? That’s so far from the truth, I can’t even wrap my mind around it. And all it does is instill in people’s brains that a life of health sucks. It’s miserable. It’s gross.

And with Warfarin (blood thinner), patients are told to stay away from leafy greens. UHHHHH!!! #1-Leafy greens are fantastic for you and contain tons of vitamins. #2-YOU DO NOT HAVE TO STAY AWAY! They have a large amount of Vitamin K in them therefore if you are on Warfarin, your dose needs to be monitored based on the amount of greens that you eat. You just need to keep your greens CONSISTENT not to eliminate them altogether.

We have gotten WAY too comfortable with allowing people to continue doing what they are doing in their diets and destroying their health but yet the words “Health nut” are thrown around like candy…as if we are the nutty ones? UM…okay?

And not to mention, we aren’t nutty. We eat FANTASTIC food. We have energy. We feel alive, and well, and will be able to run around with our grandkids (lord willing). It’s not about restriction. We don’t restrict at all. We eat TONS of food…tons of food that you wouldn’t expect us to eat. It’s about learning what’s in foods (macronutrients) and how this correlates to the goals that you have.

I’m a pharmacist, and I wish I could change this. I wish nutrition could be taught in reference to EVERY SINGLE disease state because it has utility. There is absolutely no reason that when we disease high blood pressure that we go through the protocol of what to use with no reference to diet other than to limit salt intake to 2000mg a day which is almost near impossible for the normal person and so they just don’t do anything at all. I’m not talking about just a nutrition course, but actually integrating nutrition into every single lecture and how that correlates to that disease state because it matters…a lot.

This is not a stab at any school. This is not a stab at a physician or a pharmacist because I don’t even know who is really at fault here, and I don’t honeslty think that anyone is but just that it really should change. But then again, I never learned about a mortgage, insurance, or taxes in high school but I sure did learn about things that I will never use again, so it's the same issue.

We need to make it realistic. We need to make nutrition protocols. We need to make a change. We need to desperately, because our nation is dying without it. My blog won’t change anything, but at least I get to rant about on my space of the internet ;) I am going to start trying to have different disease states and how I think that diet will change the lives of those with those and go into more specifics.  

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