Feelings leaving Chicago-Listen to their stories!

So, Chicago has been a whirlwind of a weekend and the most fun ever! It's all so crazy how I get so hype for these times and then they are gone in a flash. SO SAD! But this is the kind of stuff that I live for! My next trip is going to be to Wilmington in 2 weeks for the ironman!!!! After the ironman, we are leaving for the Dominican Republic for 6 days then 3 days later I turn around and am flying out to the NYC marathon and New York for 4 days (which I'm so dang thrilled about as I miss my friends there so so much)!

I'll start this by saying that this is that female emotional time of the month and Katiesfitscript wears her heart on her sleeve pretty much like 99.67% of the time so might as well just bump that up to 100% for today. Ha! I get overwhelmed with gratitude for the girls that I saw out there and the friends that I have that are reaching for their goals. I told Bethany I want to write a blog specifically about her because she trains really well and structured and I think that anyone could benefit from knowing all the things that she does that helps her to get to her A goals and PR's so that is to come this week.

Kelly was doing her series on BQ or bust recording her journey on youtube and instagram. There were elements during this race for her that were so different than anything she had ever experienced similar to how I felt in Boston this past year, and so she was thrilled with the performance that she was able to do in spite of all of that. I love to ask questions to all of my friends and just listen to them talk. I have realized more and more how much I can learn from them. Kelly inspired me so much just hearing her joy of working through the suffering of the race when she was feeling down and hurting.

I stayed with Steph the first night and she gave me so much advice going into my ironman. She kept saying "I don't have anything on my walls or in my house. I just collect memories" and I just LOVED that. Pictures fill Steph's house and not things from the memories that she makes and the way that she fiercely loves life. Because of this, we went on 5 hours sleep just to be able to catch a sunrise. That's how much Steph believes in grabbing the most of life. Sunrises MATTER. She has such a powerful story and I love her heart and spirit so much!

I stayed the rest of the time with my client and friend, Annabel. I cannot explain how much of a gem this girl in. She's such a rockstar living this amazing life in Chicago. She cooks these chef inspired meals almost every night and taught me all kinds of tricks to easily fit that into the day. I'm so glad I got to stay with her and hoping for a round 2 when I come back to Chicago to run the marathon next year because I'm convinced I'm doing it if I can get in!!!

I have so many feelings of gratitude around this trip. I think that many times we forget about all the different types of people around the world that we can get to know with all the hustle that we get into our daily lives. We get complacent with our jobs and the election and it's so refreshing to come and just LISTEN. I didn't want to do tons of talking. I just like to listen to people, and see what they think and what they believe. I feel there is so much to learn from people and cultures and cities. All of this kind of pieces together who you are as the years go forward. I realized this weekend actually that one of my spiritual love languages is productive quality time. I don't like to not be productive basically ever (which I know can present problems) so I love to be in new cities and being able to explore while spending time with friends and trying new restaurants and new fun things! I love to hear about what people do for their jobs and what led them to that position. I love hearing people's stories.

I love looking up at buildings and seeing all the lights in the buildings at night and asking myself their stories. Have they been there all day? I wonder what they will get for dinner and what they do. I wonder if they are millionaires that I'm walking beside and where they came from. I see a homeless man and wonder the same. How did he get there? What is his story?

Last night and this morning I found myself on facebook and of course, the only thing that anyone is talking about is the election. I realize as I'm reading through that the experiences that people have gone through shape 10000% how they feel on this election. The geographical location that they were born into establishes so much of their belief system, and let me tell you not one person cares about the other person's story that doesn't agree with them. They just think they are blatantly wrong.

But we can't stand to just accept that we all have these different backgrounds and experiences that lead us to our belief systems. We thrive on connectivity and relationships. We WANT those people to feel the way that we feel. It drives us mad that no one (in those moments) understands what we are trying to say which ends up many times in anger. 

So, I think the feeling that I'm leaving Chicago with is just that it's so important to listen. It's so important to look at culture and the buildings and the lights and ask the people around you their stories. It might not seem like it's teaching you anything and it might be so dumb, but I think that we always are thinking of what we want to say next in conversations versus just letting someone else speak and I have loved just soaking up other people this weekend and THEIR stories. This weekend was about THEM and their race...not mine. And I loved it.

Full details of what I did tomorrow! :)

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