Ironman Taper (FINALLY)

I have been waiting for you for oh so long taper! :) 

I'm officially 1 week and 2 days away from ironman. THE TIME HAS FLOWN BY! Jk, that's like the biggest lie of the century. It's been a LONGGGG training season. ha! 

I'm just going to give you all of the details leading up until race day since this is basically one week out! I will say that going to Chicago was like ehhh maybe not the best idea, but it was fun so whatever. I had to take two rest days, and I won't say I "had to" but Kelly and I were hanging out on Monday and I wasn't going to like split off just to run or bike or something. Not my style. I was like "Eh tapering right?" HA! 

Tuesday, I ran 8 miles and cycled 25 miles! That felt AWESOME after 2 rest days. Man, it felt so good! 

Yesterday-Running 3 miles, biking 1 hour, Swim 3000m (I haven't swam in 1.5 weeks-like do I even tri-I don't even know-I've been so bad eek)

Thursday-Run 6 miles + Lift 

Friday - Cycle 50 miles + 3000m swim 

Saturday- 9 mile run 

Sunday - REST 

Monday - 8 miles + 60 min cycle 

Tuesday- 3 miles running + 2000m swim 

Wednesday -Run 4 miles + 25 mile bike

Thursday-Swim 3000m

Friday-30 min cycle to 2 mile run shake out

Saturday-RACE DAY!!

I literally just wrote that out while writing this. I don't know if that's a good plan, but I think it will work for me! :) I really have just made my own plans as I've gone along this entire time, so I'm hopeful that it will serve me well on the big day. Tonight I'm going to sit down and write out everything that I need to make for a successful race and make sure that I have everything packed early and ready to go. I'm going to take my bike to the local bike shop to have it looked over, and I'm going to make sure I have a plan for food on the day of. I'm going to check on the details of checking in my bike, and all of my race day bags, and I'm going to make sure that our airbnb is good to go! We got a house about 5 minutes away from the start. I'm going to plan out the travel plan for the Friday before, and then I'm going to rest in all of the work that I've put in to make this day a reality. 

Mark my words on this one guys, and you know that I NEVER say this kind of thing, but I'm a one and done. For sure. I'm a marathoner, and I think I'm going to hang up tri at this point. Video to come tomorrow of all of the emotions behind this and why I've decided that this is what is best for me long term. I want to go ahead and speak these truths NOW so that my clarity isn't blinded on post race excitement! HAHA! 

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