GIVEAWAY + Photoshoot!

Okay, so I'm SUPER excited about the giveaway that I'm getting to do for you guys today! I'm collaborating with The Belong Tour to offer you guys 2 free tickets to a show of your choice. If you are coming to the Atlanta conference then I will be there with my mom, so if that is your location of choice then the giveaway will include getting to meet me and we will arrange that as well! :) The cheapest these tickets run are $79 and most are much higher than that. It's a 2 day women's conference, and I want to quote what they have on their website, so you can hear how awesome that it is! 

"BELONG is a Friday night – Saturday live event bringing women together in arenas across the country. Thousands of women will gather to hear remarkable communicators Jen Hatmaker, Shauna Niequist, Nichole Nordeman, Sharon Irving, Angela Davis, Patsy Clairmont hone in on how to live a fun, faith-filled, purposeful life.

There will be plenty of personal stories, music, laughter and maybe even some tears in this open space where women can connect to one another, to see and know each other, and carry each other’s burdens." 

BUT LET ME TELL YOU HOW THIS TIES INTO FITNESS! ;) Angela Davis is one of the speakers, and she is a 5X USA Track and Field athlete who is living her life for Jesus and wanting to share that inspiration with others. To say that I'm excited to hear her speak is like an understatement. She literally gives me chills just with excitement to hear her in person!!! WOOOO!!!! WOOOOO WOOOOO!! Seriously, she inspires me so much with her confidence in who she is and the Lord and fitness.  

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As I told Tanner, I want to really spend the next season of my life doing some other things that I love. I've felt a little "stir crazy" in fitness and as much as I love it, I need a little break!! ;) So, I'm so excited to go on this mommy/daughter date in Atlanta in November! The three choices are 

Charlotte-Nov 4-5

Hartford, CT-Nov 11-12

Atlanta, GA-Nov 17-18 

My mom and I are going to go up on Friday and stay for the weekend. I live about 2.5 hours from Atlanta, but I'm going to be in NYC for the marathon during the Charlotte showing, which another one of my best friends (the photographer of these pictures) is going to be at so I hate the timing was a little off. 


Awkward flamingo pose ;) 

Awkward flamingo pose ;) 

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